The depth of man’s inferiority, inefficiency, doubts and fears

October 18, 2016

Illness associated with exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) reportedly cost the U.S. economy over $340 billion annually, according to an analysis of data collected in the both the U.S. and the European Union.

Led by Leonardo Trasande, MD, of the NYU School of Medicine, the researchers identified the cost of fifteen diseases and dysfunctions linked with environmental EDC exposure, accounting for over 2% of the U.S.’s GDP, published The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.


“Based on our analyses, stronger regulatory oversight of endocrine disrupting chemicals is needed, not just in Europe, but in the U.S.,” said Trasande in a press release. “This oversight should include not only safety tests on the chemicals’ use in the manufacture of commercial products before the chemicals receive government approval, but also studies of their health impact over time once they are used in consumer products.”

The U.S., according to this analysis, is also paying a much higher cost for these exposures: $340 billion versus $217 billion in the EU, a difference that the authors attribute to a laissez-faire approach to regulating EDCs in the U.S.


10-18-16    Plastic bottles contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that can cause cancer, diabetes, ADHD and autism, scientists confirmed in a report on Tuesday.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) interfere with the body’s hormonal system, affecting development and leaving the body open to a staggering range of diseases.

But they are found in thousands of everyday products, ranging from plastic and metal food containers, to detergents, flame retardants, toys and cosmetics.

These chemicals are responsible for scores of illnesses – costing the US an eye-watering $340 billion in health-related costs each year, the bombshell report by NYU Langone revealed.

The most common EDC-related illness is neurological – including attention-ADHD, autism and loss of IQ.


  The solstice of 12-21-2016, Wed. 2:45 a.m. PST, also brings in a 14-month initiatory cycle of the crucifixion of the Mother and her seed—the purple and gold causal body cycle.  (The order of 14 month cycles starts at the whitefire of the causal body, goes to yellow, pink, violet, purple/gold, green and then blue, then on through the 7 secret rays.  The whole pattern would take 14×14 months=196 months, except for a modification by Serapis.  He held back the initiation for the 4th secret ray (10:30 line) for 4 months—that occurred then at the December solstice of 1990.

Therefore the entire cycle is not 196 but 200 months.  It was first launched by Serapis at the December solstice of 1978 and ran to Virgo 1995.  The next one ran from Virgo 1995 to Taurus 2012.  The present one runs till the end of 2028.)       -r, mt. shasta, california


The depth of man’s inferiority, inefficiency, doubts and fears always stems from past momentums, either of the self or of infections carried into the self from other selves.

An understanding of the nature of the subconscious mind will assist the individual in solving his problems and in developing a greater level of God-awareness with its attendant victory and happiness.  The ministration of the Holy Spirit is intended to provide humanity with both the understanding and the vital determination that are needed to eliminate undesirable qualities—that they might no longer be subject to their power but only to the God-victorious thoughts that flow from the mind of Christ.  Thus the maintaining of a steady contact with the Godhead will assure each individual of the fulfillment of his original life plan….

Let them learn, if they would be free from the bondage of imperfect molds, that the buoyant nature of God must be welcomed into conscious as well as subconscious levels of being by embodied humanity.  This is a matter of uprooting weeds which have no place in the garden of Reality and of cultivating the virtues implanted there which have been choked out by the incumbent growth….

Knowing that truth and life are more important than the temporal satisfactions which must one day be surrendered, knowing that the divine birthright far exceeds man’s earthly expectations the advocates of the Holy Spirit bear the hope that individuals in this day and age will understand that surrender to God is only surrender to the goodness of Life itself.  This goodness is already inherent in life and awaiting the welcome of the individual monad who possesses the key of freewill.  When your blessed freewills are tethered to His will there is far less of the sense of struggle about life.            -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:33

Maha_Chohan.jpg-Maha Chohan (Great Lord)


IMG_4085.JPG-Mt. Eddy




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