Waking up on Hillary

Congressman Dan Burton on Hillary:  The Clintons used every square inch of the White House as a fundraising device….(In a meeting in Hong Kong) a man came in–he was the head of the Chinese equivalent of our C.I.A. and he told the group–“We like your president; we’re going to give you $300,000 for his campaign because we want to see him reelected,” according to   Johnny Chung.///

The most interesting record Hillary Clinton set as First Lady was the most number of times anyone said “I do not know” in testimony before Congress.  She said “I do not know” a whopping 250 times in questions dealing with controversies about her personal finances and her husband’s transgressions.

Also interesting is the number of Clinton associates who pleaded guilty or were indicted or who fled the country with the police chasing them.  There were 47 individuals and businesses affiliated with the Clintons who pleaded guilty or were convicted of crimes.  There were 61 indictments and misdemeanor charges.  There were 122 Congressional witnesses who took the Fifth.       -Amanda Carpenter in her book on Hillary///

On Hillary NYTimes reporter Jeff Gerth said:  She clearly has exhibited a pattern of secrecy in her Senate operations.  She does not even adhere to Senate rules on disclosure of information.

-these 3 quotes all in pp. 28-30 of a 2008 book—see https://books.google.com/books?id=cnVREKYrgT4C&pg=PA29&dq=hillary+finances&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj8m7q1x9nPAhUkHGMKHUtiDYsQ6AEIMDAD#v=onepage&q=hillary%20finances&f=false


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