Ron Paul, Columbus and America

For Ron Paul it doesn’t matter what the outcome is in November, as he doesn’t see much of a difference between the two parties.  “Nothing ever really changes regardless of which party wins.  Governments keep growing, the deficits keep growing and the Fed keeps borrowing and printing more money,” he said.  “I don’t expect a lot to change.”  But there is one area of the market that the former Libertarian and Republican presidential candidate sees flourishing in the long-term:  gold, which ended Friday near $1,259. 



The empire builders, the monopolists in finance and power and persuasion, the political parties of prominence, pride, inheritance, name and fame–through many centuries these blue bloods, so called, very often called the shots.  Christopher Colon/Colomb/Columbus was not directly of such a family and party, therefore he had to cater or sell his large project to these backers who were mostly in Spain at that time, and he did.  His project featured monopoly because that was the prevailing order of the times, even amongst large exploration groups.  Eventually in history other methods came in, including notions of liberty and science and free thought.  It is possible that Christopher Columbus was indeed a free thinker at root, but he was certainly also a salesman.  By the time of Francis Bacon a different potential existed because the Renaissance brought in a lot of potentiality.  However, at 1492 the Renaissance was still fairly young.

Shifting to the American revolutionary period of 13 colonies fighting to have freedom, the issue of the 1780s became whether a blueprint with central authority included in a constitution could be forged or not.  The Federalist papers came forth in the primitive newspapers of the day to so advocate, via alias, that cause—Hamilton, Madison and John Jay being the champions or perhaps even the creators of the Federalist Party.  With the rise of Hamiltonian notions a national or monopoly bank came in, but not at New York City but at Philadelphia.  After two 20 year federal government leases of monopoly banking to operate legally it was President Jackson in 1832-41 who turned back that  operation.  Central banking then began to be championed from NYC, as it is today.  Despite the U.S. Constitution, America has been under the central banking rulership since December 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act.  The monopolists (or Establishment) came back to power.  Some of our prominent people are like Christopher Colon–accommodate the monopolists.  Not many are exponents/revolutionaries like Ron Paul.  Are the Ron Paul days over?  We shall see.       -R, Mt. Shasta, Ca   10-11-2016


9-27-16        Since the 2008 crisis, Hillary and her pals have helped to make sure that no real harm comes  to the Too Big to Fail  banks. In fact, since the crisis – TBTF banks banks have dramatically increased in size, stifling the ability of smaller banks to compete….

The Clinton Foundation appears more like a mafia bag-man operation than a reputable non-profit. It claims to be a voice for women and the oppressed, even while it takes billions of dollars from donors who are sexual predators, misogynists and tied to oppressive regimes that reduce the status of women. Only a small percentage of the money raised actually funds real assistance programs; most of the money goes to salaries, speakers and to the Clintons personal expenses.

If you look at the entire list of donors to the Clinton Foundation, you’ll see there are lots of individuals under indictment, lots of individuals and institutions currently embroiled in the Mossack Fonseca scandal, and lots of foreign officials who have been found to be corrupt. And the big banks are at the center of it all.
Among largest donors to the Clinton Foundation:       
 Barclays Capital
 Citi Foundation
 Standard Chartered
 Goldman Sachs
 Bank of America Foundation
 Itau Unibanco
 UBS Wealth Management
 Banco Santander Brasil
 Deutsche Bank AG
 Deutsche Bank Americas
 Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc
 Bank of America Corporation
 BMCE Bank
 JPMorgan Chase & Co.
 Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation, Inc.
 Morgan Stanley
 The Monte dei Paschi di Siena
 Wells Fargo Foundation


10-11-16 ”I’m running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it’s a hoax created by the Chinese,” she said.  “We cannot risk putting a climate denier in the White House…that is absolutely unacceptable.” …Clinton ended the campaign event praising Gore. “I can’t wait to have Al Gore advising me when I am president,” she said.


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