The sounding of the Word rolls up the mountain

The sounding of the Word rolls up the mountain and the sounding of the Word by the many devotees of the mountain resounds and flows down the mountain.  And the meeting of the waves of light is the rejoicing of the light and of the waves of Alpha and Omega as devotees ascended and unascended, devotees of inner planes and outer consciousness, merge in the devotion of the one fire of Shasta.  Wherever you are, wherever you make your abode know that when you sound the name that I bear the light will flow….And thus the oneness of cycles and the ritual of that oneness is commenced this day….

Now I would speak to you of other evolutions and of other lifewaves coming nigh Terra and the signal of those lifewaves as the signs written in the heavens, written in the stars and written in the clouds.  I would speak to you of great civilizations of lightbearers, of nuclei of souls who inhabit various planes of consciousness in Terra, of the beings who inhabit the earth itself–a masterful race, those who also descended from Lemuria.  And the interconnection of these lifewaves to our retreat is secure.

Mankind do not realize how Terra is honeycombed with retreats and lifewaves and evolutions.  You are on the surface; many are within.  Many enjoy the light of the sun of the fiery core even as you enjoy the light of Helios and Vesta….There are souls serving diligently in many planes of consciousness having the celestial body, the etheric body, even as you have the terrestrial or physical body.  Merely by dialing a frequency of consciousness, as many evolutions in this and other solar systems are able to do, you could advance to their plane of awareness.  You could pass through the mountain by the adjustment of the dial of frequency and even enter, retaining physical consciousness, our retreat.

And yet this knowledge has not been vouchsafed to the majority of those living on the surface of Terra, for they have not shown the mastery of the God-control, the God-harmony of the fiery core.  For once the fiery core is released for the adjustment of atomic frequencies tremendous power comes into integration in the four lower bodies.  And the awareness of God-reality in the face of all that assails that power must be the mastery of the chela on the path….You may become initiates of our retreat but there are requirements, and the first of these is love.  Love must sound the new tone of the Aquarian age.              -Ra Mu:  7-5-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C ProphetIMG_4051.JPG


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