leading the entire world to a vision of ethereal perfection

But with the passing of the years the confusion and brittleness of the synthetic (and mechanistic) consciousness distorts, destroys and defiles in the consciousness of the maturing soul the wondrous purity of God that links all of nature in a comprehensive whole of the Christ radiance.  For as envisioned by God the Earth is a luminous orb and all of the multitudinous facets of nature harmonize in a symphony of abundance, joy and exquisite tenderness.

The dark threads, the coarse threads, these come from the activities of the black magicians and man’s domination of nature forces from far-off millenniums.  That these threads have been preserved to the present hour is the cause of all sorrow and pain upon the planet.  For in the heart of the All-Father, as is known by every angel, is the cascade of light from soundless heights leading the entire world to a vision of ethereal perfection which also permeates the natural order, visible even to the mortal eye.

The glory of God that shines behind the veil, known to us of the angelic hosts, has the power in its penetration to transmute every trace of hatred, of shadow, of darkness and of stain in the world until at last the fairyland of cosmic wonder that God would make of all nature is seen by men; and as they glimpse this vision the internal nature of man is changed by nature even as nature continues to be changed by man….We say:  make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode….

We speak not of a thought of union that would unite the world for the sake of political, economic or religious control, but we speak of the thought of union that unites each monad, each point of light with the Central Sun of cosmic innocence.        -Listening Angel:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:50




IMG_8499.JPG-Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846; Archangel Michael, Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer & Meditation, 1978


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