When God said “As ye sow so shall ye reap”

In the seeming struggle between Good and Evil there are negative forces that seek to hide from the eyes of men his real image and to glorify the pseudo image.  This they do in order that they may control men by warping their motives and by surrounding them with fear.  But the key to escape is simple.  If you remain steadfast in a childlike sense of wonder and trust in God we can this day dispel all doubt and fear from your consciousness regardless of your intellectual level.

You must understand first that the image that appears is not real, second, that the image that does not readily appear but that is real is often hidden, and third, that this hidden image is the image that God did make and that He saw was good….We propose to restore the individual sense of dignity and worth as one of the first steps in finalizing man’s understanding of himself….

When God said “As ye sow so shall ye reap” He referred to the Law of Gvingness and Service whereby a star of minute proportions could attain to a greater glory by permitting a greater measure of the glory of God to flow through his consciousness.  This is the only means whereby the gifts of the eternal kingdom may be permanently retained….

You are a child of the light,/ You were created in the image divine,/ You are a child of infinity,/ You dwell in the veils of time;/ You are a son of the Most High!

To ray your light and to serve/ Is to do the will divine/ By being the living Word./                  No darkness can long endure/ Before the radiant light….

He will guide and guard you forever,/ He will carry you far in His arm/                                         He hides Himself from the clever,/ He enshrines the poor with His charm…./                        His bread is the precious leaven/ To raise us all to our goal.                                                                  -Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:37   (9-14-1969)



IMG_5398.JPG-Norman Thomas Miller:  Atlantean Priestess; Atlantean Deluge



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