the most valuable commodity in America is the heartflame of the people and their sacred labor


And so, beloved Omri-Tas has relented and they have come and their number is, beloved, 144,000.  Receive them now!  [44-second standing ovation]  By all means, fasten yourselves to them as they would be fastened to you.  They have come because they embody the Spirit of Freedom and the Spirit of America and the Spirit of the Goddess of Freedom who has also come from that planet in a great descent of light.

Yes, beloved hearts, they come, for they are determined to see the four sacred freedoms enshrined in every heart–to see to it that freedom of religion shall not be lost nor freedom of speech nor freedom of the press nor freedom to assemble.  The people must liberate themselves by their championing of the four sacred freedoms, which are yet denied in many parts of the Earth.

And therefore look to the flame.  Look to keeping a chalice, preferably of amethyst or amethyst color, wherever you have your altar or wherever you work, on or near your desk, and consecrate that chalice to the violet flame.  Call forth the violet flame and make use of these reinforcements of the hosts of the seventh ray now!

These are legions of light who carry swords of violet flame.  They have been involved with Earth’s evolutions and those of other solar systems for the defense of liberty, for the defense of the right of individual conscience and the right to be–to be on a path of one’s choosing, whatever that path might be, spiritual, intellectual or material.  So, beloved, these legions of light could no longer stand by and watch the burden that becomes greater and greater, person by person, of those who are affiliated with this Community of the Holy Spirit.

Thus beloved, know that there is a multiplication factor within your heart and within their hearts.  And so make use of these hosts and their momentum–these ascended ones and these legions from the Violet Planet who have joined you.  Include them in your calls for world freedom and know that now your decrees to the violet flame shall be multiplied many times over by the power of ten squared, beloved.

So know that this increase is for the transmutation of world totalitarian movements, world tyranny and tyrants, for the binding of the tyrant ego dweller-on-the-threshold, for the binding of all forces that are the misuse of divine Justice                       -Saint Germain:  7-4-1993 at RTR, Montana

IMG_1123 2.JPG-by C. Sindelar, 1930s

Thus we know that between power and money many strings are pulled.  And behind the scenes forces are at play to determine how much can be gained by those who think they are in power in this period of change.

As you know, political or economic change is always taken as an opportunity for the amassing of power by those who stand to gain the most by change and who are therefore the archmanipulators of the winds of change as well as of the changing tides.  Thus the elections present to this government and this nation the opportunity for new leadership who ought to secure the people’s choice and learn by the mistakes as well as the victories of the previous administration….

Almost in a mercurian fashion does the economy move.  This is only the appearance; for as you know causes set in motion not checked, not dealt with–a false concept of economics and a false teaching of Keynesian economics and individuals who do not have common sense or a practical awareness of how a nation’s economy functions–have brought about a situation of immense burden which sits squarely upon the shoulders of the American citizen.

The people of this nation bear an extraordinary burden of karma for the Earth as well as the karma of the fallen ones who have mismanaged the supply, the people’s money and the international banking policies.  It will take a great deal of violet flame, a certain amount of background (which you may gain by your own reading) and a devotion to holding the stability within oneself to offset this burden; even the national debt grows exponentially by the hour.

The emotions of the nation affect the economy as does the faith of the people in God and the faith of the people in themselves and in the free enterprise system.  This system must not be put down by the easy giveaway of technology and secrets to the enemy….

I tell you, beloved hearts, the most valuable commodity in America is the heartflame of the people and their sacred labor.  Yet this divine spark, this labor of love is trampled upon, it is misused, it is desecrated, and their life energy is squandered.  This commodity of Life itself has been a source of unending light and supply to all of the fallen angels of the Earth for at least a century and more.

Realize therefore that those who have such a precious gift as the light of the Great White Brotherhood in their daily service and workplace ought to cherish that light, cherish the holiness of their labor, and begin to realize that because it is sanctified by God it must be protected.  And in order to have that protection they must invoke the intercession of the archangels.          -Saint Germain:  4-22-1984, Easter Sunday, at Camelot, Los Angeles     IMG_6617.JPG




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