once Life is understood as purposed by God to convey to each lifestream the wonders

Let me say–and my statements are not based on the bitterness of condemnation but they are born out of cosmic accuracy and universal records–that once Life is understood as purposed by God to convey to each lifestream the wonders of its own internal security in the divine system, in  the order of universal beauty and perfection, then to live life to its fullest becomes the goal of individual man for himself and for his world…we emphasize the fact that spiritual destruction through personal involvement in negative aspects of the psyche whereby the individual ignores the mandates of his divine Presence and the fulfillment of the will of God for him, thereby placing in jeopardy the very existence of his soul, is far worse than the destruction of the outer world….

Individual life is what men make of it.  and whereas through ignorance and misunderstanding they often fall into delusions concerning one another and cast blame upon the holy innocents, we are confident that you will understand that this is never the will of God.  In the case of Attila the Hun who was called “the scourge of God” we find that his deeds were wholly malignant and in all things he was most superstitious….Yet regardless of the perpetrations of the deluded ones the world has advanced through the years and continues to move forward toward greater enlightenment….To condemn the world does not prepare it for salvation of any kind.  The real example of benign power is to be simply the Christ….

Truly there are those who would destroy the earth because they are contemptuous of life  itself, and they resent the blows that have been dealt them….If they would look within themselves first and thence upward to their Presence–the Presence of God that uniquely belongs to them, the spark of their own happiness–they would find that the means of salvation lie within the domain of the Life that beats their own hearts….

Let us unleash then the power of the young sapling of truth….How rich is His bounty and how mighty are His judgments.  Truly men should trust in Him.  Thus we shall forestall those catastrophic manifestations that are born of human consciousness and conduct.          -Casimir Poseidon:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:21


Press on; keep on keeping on.  Only victory lies ahead!            -Vaivasvata Manu:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:41


It is difficult for men and women, separated as they are from the power of true spiritual vision, to understand their seemingly appointed lot.  The wheels of karma turn, and the sweet and the innocent by reason of inward training elect to hasten the day of their salvation by accelerating the balancing of personal karma in their final embodiments….heaven pity the man or the woman who falls into the toils of the traitors to the divine plan.  You have heard of the war between Michael and Satan, you have heard of Armageddon.  You are witnessing daily, even now, the flood of events that is the finalizing configuration preceding the golden age of peace and enlightenment.  Wrath trembles in the cup, and those who should fear do not, while those who have nothing to fear fear.

Let us reverse the cycle and proclaim victory!  The carnal mind continues to seek refuge in a series of paper defenses that lack validity….The deceits that are practiced in the world today which are intended to make puppets out of humanity cause them to scoff at truth and at the things of the Spirit.  They laugh, but their mirth shall be cut short.  Their boldness comes from those archenemies of righteousness who themselves believe and tremble but would tutor mankind otherwise.  They create reservoirs of intellectual defenses for the doctrines of atheism and agnosticism.  They spawn doubt, fear and all manner of lies; they create confusion and spread it abroad–but their end will surely come….

The unholy alliances that have deceived many among the youth, that have sought to encase mankind in the mustiness of orthodoxy centuries old and that even today seek to forbid the heavenly manna from being placed before the children of men, are but cutting themselves off from life and truth.  They will pay to the last farthing for their evil deeds, and shortlived will be their cavorting in the Enemy’s camp….

Surely the honest of heart can discern the unreasoning face that seeks to spread mischief abroad in the land and in the world.  The psychology of the Spirit sweetly and simply reveals the Law as the arbiter of man’s destiny and as the fruit of the sowing of righteousness.              -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:42

5b513b41e0326a00fa76772a01828f9b.jpg-Sergius the Builder by V. Vasnetsov, 1882




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