Individuals are often captivated by the glamour of their own thoughts and feelings

For out of law the law of faith, out of order the order of hope, and out of reality the reality of true charity are born the garden of Eden, the garden of God, the garden of IMG_5404.JPGConsciousness wherein all perfection can and does live.

The Tree of Life in the midst of the garden of God signifies the self-perpetuating seed of the Divine that always produces after her kind; therefore out of the perfection of God is born the perfection of man or the perfection of manifestation….God is the consciousness of beginning, the middle and the end; man is the consciousness of the beginning, the unfulfilled—he who is being fulfilled, he who is being taught, he who must learn to express through the framework of the divine aegis….charity as God-realization is the sustaining momentum of the Divine inherent within life; that charity as love in action must always obey the divine edict.  For this is the nature of the Christ.  To love is to be carried away by the abundance of that love to the complete fulfillment of that which Love desires to express.

Individuals are often captivated by the glamour of their own thoughts and feelings.  They do not see how narrow the shell is that encompasses them roundabout….But when the blue lightning of divine Love intervenes, when there is a shattering by true faith of the illusions men have spun around themselves and those to which they have submitted, then hope as a golden ray surrounded by whitefire reveals to them the Christed plan of their being.  As that Christ plan begins to manifest a little more of itself each day there comes into their worlds a great and subtle beauty that gradually seeps through their entire being, removing the lines of care from the countenance and smoothening the wrinkles of the soul.  Hope is indeed a golden oil that nurtures the being of man and makes him aware of the power of divine Love….

I would invoke in the world a feeling of ease and completeness, a feeling of sincerity, of directness and the avoidance of unnecessary pitfalls.  I would that the children of men in their relationships with one another might understand the perfection of the Great Law.  I would have them understand the perfection of Nature.  And as the fingers of their minds explore the possibility of calling upon the Infinite One for every need they will know that they are entering into communion with the Sun in all of the brilliant inner radiance that can and must be reflected in the soul if the soul is to know her freedom.           -Archeia Charity:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:6        -above drawing by Auriel Bessemer, ~1971





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