from the realm of the unformed

There are many factors governing the release of man’s desires into manifestation from the realm of the unformed.  All of these should be ultimately known and balanced, one in support of the other–as is the custom in higher octaves–

in order to assure to individuals the reality of joyous precipitation.  Many upon earth are concerned with the precipitation of money and things without recognizing the marvelous joy in precipitating states of consciousness that actually become divine ordinances in action….the challenges of life with all of their provocations are the means whereby souls attain to a state of universal blessedness….

We who are a part of the angelic host and the angelic realm know full well that the brotherhood of angels, elementals and men must in this time of Aquarius’ approaching enter more and more into the beauty and joy of balanced cooperation if mankind are to come to that state where the universe in its cosmic manifestation will be made understandable and real to them.  For far too long have the forces of nihilism that seek to “free” men from dogma and religion have taken men down the thorny road of self-destruction without their awareness of just what was happening….

(Some) feel that those who spin otherworldly pipe dreams, as they would call them, only involve men in a loss of time, energy and opportunity that might better be used to achieve personal happiness.  And they are not going to be trapped by the devices of religious hypocrites into following that which they have been taught to scorn–no, never!

Blessed ones, ponder for a moment the fact that many unbelievers have had their faith destroyed in past and present embodiments, sometimes through disillusionment with misguided and misguiding religious leaders and sometimes by the sudden impact of their own returning karma.  Unable to face the responsibility which truth brings they have crossed the borderline into the domain of disdain for all that is religious and virtuous.  Some have become followers of dialectical materialism and a humanistic ethic, seeking rewards they have not earned.  And when their bestial natures are aroused and they feel that they might lose something in a personal way they can be very difficult even to the point of becoming a menace to the entire social order….

We on the other hand who have contact with the Most High–and a knowledgeable contact at that–are able to weld together the entire body of God in the universe through the power we transmit over spiritual cables of love and light….

Radiantly I AM full of faith for you,      Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:47


IMG_0163.JPGpotw08_0810.jpg-Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973

ascended-master-afra1 2.jpg -Afra   hqdefault copy 3.jpg -Kuthumi by Schmiechen, 1884

Image result for fiery ascension coil

-ascension coil, from The Human Aura


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