You are a point of conscious contact with the Spirit of Christ-reality

If the blessed people of planet Earth would only understand that they cannot sow seeds of pain and discord in the lives of others and escape, the golden rule would ring forth the joy of peace to the whole Earth….The karmic record is ever present with reembodying mankind, for every form of disease, accident and unhappiness that seems but a part of life’s unfortunate circumstances is in reality the justice of the Law returning full circle to those who in the past sent out harm to others….

We who long to impart to the children of men the greatest desire and reality of universal love caution men to be slow to condemn, to long for more grace, to be grateful when chastened, to be confident when faith is tested, to be more perceptive of the hand of God than to think because God’s will is not produced in the world or in the realm of the individual at a given time that the configurations of universal power, wisdom and love are not acting….

Know and believe that God is with you, that He is with the world, that He is hidden behind the appearance form, that He remains the King of Peace even behind the most distressing outer conditions, and that He is the Lord omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.  By His stripes you are healed…You are a point of conscious contact with the Spirit of Christ-reality for the regeneration of the earth..     -Archangel Chamuel:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:48


Wei chi champions of China, 2014:



-photo leftside to right     Piao Wenyao, Fan Tingyu, Jiang Weijie, Mi Yuting, Shi Yue, Tuo Jiaxi, Zhou Ruiyang, Chen Yaoye, Tang Weixing. The front row players (more senior ones) are: Kong Jie, Luo Xihe, Ma Xiaochun, Yu Bin, Chang Hao, Gu Li.

Zhu_Yuanhao_2009_1.jpg  Zhou_Heyang_9p_Zhongguo_Qiyuan-1.jpg  changhao2_1.jpg  Huang_Chen_1_1.jpg

Tao_Xinran_1.jpg  wangyuhui1_1.jpg  huyaoyu2_1.jpg  wanghaoyang1_1.jpg

Qiu-Jun-wins-Mingren-2003_1.jpg    IMG_3999.JPG

Men and women of the planet Earth, let not your hearts be troubled by outer scenes that are the culmination of error’s attempt to dethrone the Prince of Peace….

It is the power of truth that can never be broken.  And His kingdom that hath no end shall be set up in the world and in the children of men.  Already the signs of great shaking are apparent as the spiritual powers of the world focus upon the children of men….The clarity of the new sense shall supersede old sensuality.  And the reality of the Christ message flashing across the plains of Bethlehem shall be to all races, to all tongues and to all peoples the forerunner of emerging victory.  What once was shall be again; what is of pain and unhappiness shall end….Temporality shall cease as eternal things are made real to all….the reality and the power of the indwelling Christ as life-force within everyone shall be increased, and the glow-ray of cosmic purpose shall cut a trackless path through the air to an understanding of the ascending consciousness.              -Archangel Raphael:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:49



As Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood within the fiery furnace for their faith—as I appeared within that furnace, the fourth figure of Christed magnificence, seeing to it that not a hair of their heads was singed—so the young disciple in his day can take his stand of cosmic faith, perceiving in the myriad lifeforms around him the hand of infinite grace.

Take dominion over the earth, be fruitful and multiply is a command that is given not only to the flesh but also to the Spirit.  God is the Spirit, and the creative essence of the eternal Father manifests in the domain of nature and in the structures of stars and atoms.  His Spirit is compounded into a communicative whole by being, by consciousness, by bliss and joy in consciousness, and by missioned reality.  For thereby the soul understands the divine mission and, committing itself into the hands of God, goes forth unafraid to do My will….

We who seek to raise all of life, to liberate the soul and to bring men into contact with the great universal reality which has been the forte of every avatar down through the ages understand how the magnetism of personality and the fusion of ideas leap from person to person spreading darkness rather than light.  Thus large masses of people become infected by the pressures of astral chaos until the Earth herself literally reels to and fro because of the scattering abroad of what is in reality sheer hypocrisy….Let them (men) know and understand then that all who will follow truth in its transcendent state must tether themselves to the Law of harmony and love.                    -Jesus Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:51     IMG_1816.JPG

IMG_2972.JPG-Shasta from west-northwest



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