the bonds that bind terrorists are not the bonds of love—they are the cords of fear & hatred.

Terrorism, you see, is an ideology as well as a collective of individuals who have not the integration of love.  Therefore I consider the word organization questionable in their regard–but the bonds that bind them are not the bonds of love, they are the cords of fear and hatred.  And thus there is a tight bond wherever there is hatred, and this you also understand….For fear is based upon the fear to be, the fear of existence, the fear of taking a single step in life, and the distorted preference not to be rather than face the challenge of living itself….

Caring enough, caring ultimately as the perfect love of Christ must become the sign and the mark of true leadership.  The leaders of nations who love the Christ in their people become the true shepherds who lay down their life for their people, laying it down not in death but in the living sacrifice of service….

Cancer itself is evidence of an absence of focalization upon the divine geometry of the internal crystal of the soul and of every living cell.  When children can pour their light into a cup of beauty and the dimensions of mathematics portrayed,presence.jpg the very dimensions themselves then impressed upon the cells prevent the aberrations, such as a manifestation of cancer or the vulnerability to the attack of virus….

Form itself designed by God is a protection for the eternal flame….Thus beauty and mathematics, proportion and the golden ratio serve to enhance the message of the Word itself….It will take a great deal of love to fulfill the mandate of God who has said “I will save the Earth.” …May love be the determining factor of your decisions, not fear.        -Paul the Venetian:  12-29-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles     venecian.jpg-Paul the Venetian by Ruth Hawkins


Hierarchy is no respecter of persons, of politics or of polemics.  Hierarchy’s call knows no barrier; it cannot be stayed by the iron curtain or the iron wall that a mechanistic civilization has erected around the children of God.  The beam of our eye is a laser beam, it is the action of the ruby ray.  It goes straight to the heart of the devotee, and no hand and no force and no ideology can stay the will of the Master who sends forth that ray to call the children of God home….

The fire that proceeds out of the mouth of the Messengers is the sacred fire, the power of the spoken Word which is theirs by reason of their holy office….In order to qualify for this office the Messengers must vow before the Lords of Karma to make this sacrifice.  They must be ready to surrender their life at any moment for the sake of the kingdom and the salvation of man.              -El Morya:  Chela and the Path, 1976, pp. 121-3

Los-Mensajeros-Mark-L-y-Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet.jpgResurrection-flame-thoughtform.jpgIMG_6617.JPG-Messengers M & E C Prophet, the resurrection flame around the heart



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