his luminous body of light is the eternal hope

IMG_3987.JPG       In matters of mind and spirit with all of man’s getting he has failed to achieve even a basic understanding of the rudiments of cosmic Law.  The youth of today, untrained in the home and untutored in the schools in the simple elements of courtesy, are sorely lacking in grace and in the virtues of the Holy Spirit.  Man’s tendency to exalt freedom as license rather than freedom as responsibility has paved the way for the competitive ego and brought about an increase in violence….

“As ye would that men should do unto you, do ye also unto them likewise.”  Modern man has inverted this law making it to read:  “Outsmart your brother before he outsmarts you.”…

The energy that you (O young people of the world) now employ in rebellion, in criticism and in an attempt to evoke a response from the elders of the world–that energy used constructively and added to the positive factors that exist in society could wield the balance of power which would change the world into a place that is acceptable not only to you but also to those higher intelligences who have framed it in such glorious hope….

The hand of heaven is not stayed of its judgment….The idols in the marketplaces remain in vogue for a time and then pass away…By universal loving cooperation the picture of universal harmony can be framed and made real….

We call then to those among mankind that have the understanding and the faith to hold this immaculate concept for the youth of the world.  Condemn them not in their ignorance but accept not their wayward ways.  The power of better example belongs to the strong.            -Meta:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:28


Like never-fading flowers the permanent body of man, his luminous body of light, is the eternal hope that–rising in the human heart, acting as a compass needle–enables man to chart his course over the troubled seas of life.  And the seething of discord, the seeming triumph of the temporal, is as naught once the race is run….The mockery of the world, its sullen power of overlordship that seeks to intimidate you by the power of friends, neighbors, relatives and employers has no power.  Unfortunately many of these are as the chaff blown by the wind; they are not yet compassed to any reality….

This (universal) plan in glowing reality is framed right within the fire of the heart–the heart of purpose–the fabric of soul substance upon which God would engrave worthy acts.  There is no need then for men to continue in fear, in struggle and in the palliation of their own passions.  Feelings when negative or obdurate stem from an inversion of the Holy Spirit’s ray; the ray of the Holy Spirit is the ray of the abundant Life, the Shekinah glory that descends into the cupped chalice of every man’s being suffused with the reality of God.  Aborted and turned upside down this ray becomes the energy-source of restlessness and the tides of many misadventures….

Reverse your course!  Learn to be karmaless, to be free from stain or sin, to be free from the need to give pain to any, to be dispensers of reality in a world of ersatz technicality….For the bonds of love can never be broken, and it is God’s will that  in the mystic circle of the lives you contact you should spread the wonder of His love and grace.  If you give you cannot fail to receive….

As you send out thoughts of beauty through the years to come if you call unto me I will try to convey to you some of the divine reality of myself in its musings upon the life here and the life hereafter, for these are One.           -Rose of Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:29

Krishna&Arjuna.jpeg-Krishna & ArjunaMaha_Chohan.jpg-Maha Chohan


Sun into Libra on 9-22-2016 at 7:22 a.m. PDT (~35 minutes after dawn in this time zone).  Sun at one-fifth of circle to Saturn; Sun conjuncts and is in parallel declination to Jupiter–therefore good balance and rhythm at the equinox.        -r, mt. shasta, ca  (One may call:  In the name I AM THAT I AM, beloved Mighty Victory and Lords of Individuality, Lord Lanto, Lords of Wisdom, may the light be modulated of the solar hierarchies of Virgo to Libra for the greater good, amen.)




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