the Christ must be enthroned in every heart

The earth needs to be conquered not by superior might or by power but by the spirit of good….We recommend–rather than let the consciousness fly with its saucers, its imaginings, its extraterrestrial probes–that men will see (as we of Venus do) the need to perfect the world in beauty and in love, the need to educate properly the young and tender, the need to extend courtesy and grace to all peoples, the need to reveal the true religious aspects of universal Law, karma and reembodiment which has been removed from the Church by deliberate design.  The teachings of the Christ must be correctly taught to the people of the world, for individuals will understand thereby that as they sow so shall they reap….

For he must appear in human affairs; the Christ must be enthroned in every heart, in every home; he must blaze upon every altar as the sacred fire.  We must restore the Earth to her golden-age estate.  Technocracy must embrace a divine theocracy. …

The blind have led the blind; all are in the ditch (Matt. 15:14).       -Sanat Kumara, Lord of the Flame, Hierarch of Venus:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:25

Venera.jpg         Unknown.jpeg -Lady Venus, Sanat Kumara, by Ruth Hawkins, ~1985

pink-dolphin.jpg-in a Louisiana lake this mother dolphin and babe


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