class-action fraud suit against Wells Fargo on behalf of hundreds of thousands


Wells Fargo & Co, embroiled in a scandal over the opening of sham accounts, was sued on Friday by customers who accused the bank of fraud and recklessness for its behavior.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Utah, and seeks class-action status on behalf of hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide.


7-27-16     When it comes to combating the nation’s opioid epidemic, politicians of all stripes say they are fully committed.

President Obama wants to spend a billion dollars on new treatment programs. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talk about the ravages of addiction and the need for solutions. And Congress earlier this month passed a package of legislation to prevent overdoses, bolster law enforcement and improve recovery programs.

But this spring, with little attention and virtually no public opposition, lawmakers approved and the president signed a new law that makes it more difficult for government to take action against a key player in the crisis:  the pharmaceutical industry.  …

“They are taking the word of industry rather than the government’s expert in diversion control,” said Joseph Rannazzisi, who stepped down in October after nearly a decade as DEA deputy assistant administrator.


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