We who span the centuries in our ascended state can provide reliable advice

Ladies and gentlemen, if this activity and that which it represents do not soon find the expeditious means of reaching mankind with the ascended masters’ truth for the expansion of the Christ consciousness, that which shall karmically occur shall lie at the doorstep of every man!…We who span the centuries in our ascended state can provide reliable advice, but require from unascended men faith in our judgments….

The reasons for our forthrightness, the reasons for our warnings are not at all because we enjoy parading mankind’s weakness but because it is necessary to awaken those who love God from the sleep of lethargy that has permitted these things to happen right under their noses!…the food that is placed between these lines is not entirely obvious to the casual glance….ponder the contact that is Freedom’s bond!…

Now some men seek to explain the origins of life as an accident of the physical sciences, and in the current Life* series there is portrayed to the eyes of the youth and the people of the world those ideas that science would have them hold about the transient destiny of human life.  Under such an acceptable concept of material evolution men are made to feel that their uncertain and short lifespan is in no way controlled by a moral code or impulse to decency other than humanism or state-oriented social codes.  Robbed of any hope in genuine immortality, men are made to feel that only in striving for perfection through the evolutionary process in man and the social process can men find “reality.”  The social gospel has been made to replace the gospel of Jesus Christ, and true faith is on the wane.  Such chaos in reason, denying the great source- origin of Life, is a part of the diabolical plan conceived by the sinister force and the emissaries of darkness; it is the veritable enemy of freedom….

Before the flood of Noah men did function according to the current pattern, and I am certain that destruction must follow destructive acts….Those who partake of any divine food—whether it be a morsel or a feast—are eternally rewarded, but those who refuse to eat at the Lord’s table must always find that one day, through their ignorance of the proffered gift from the hand of God, they shall remain in ignorance.          -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 35-41                      *Life magazine, autumn 1965

IMG_1123 2.JPGby Sindelar, 1930s

IMG_8499.JPG-Amitabha in Prayer & Meditation, 1978


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