the psychology of madness is in full swing upon planet Earth

Therefore we say that the psychology of madness is in full swing upon planet Earth.  And this madness feeds upon itself, and world condemnation does abound.  And I know.  And I know that the Liar is enthroned….But you must join the armies of heaven, you must be our instrument.  You must be our Word, our sharper-than-the-two-edged-sword going forth…Somewhere the world must rise up and say “We will not allow the tyrants to stand!”…

Nothing is worth more than individual freedom and that freedom won here and now on every issue where compromise steals the cutting edge of liberty and where tyranny would swallow it up….The victory lies (besides in higher octaves) in the shuttle of your attention and devotion and in the decisions of your heart, for in this octave it is you in God who must prevail.  Therefore receive us as we receive you in love now, and go forth champions of freedom.                              -Archangel Zadkiel:  2-16-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles

1769c435e7f7e6da39630be11967a0e8.jpg-Kuan YinHoarFrost.jpg


A black crystal set in lead and stone became the focus for the perversion of the Mother-ray and the symbol of the new religion.  One by one the inner circles of the temple orders were violated through the diabolical practice of black magic and phallic worship taught by the Luciferians, until a completely false theology wiped out the pristine patterns of the Mother cult.  By and by the early rumblings of cataclysm were heard by the inhabitants of Mu.  The altars of the most remote colonies were the first to topple.  When the last strongholds–the twelve temples surrounding the main temple–were taken over by the Satanists the momentum of light invoked by the remnant of the faithful was not great enough to hold the balance for the continent.     -Messenger E C Prophet with Annice Booth:  Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, 2005, p. 99


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