Ho! Let the Word of the Lord be upon His own!

Ho!  Let the Word of the Lord be upon His own!  And let it descend as the extreme unction upon those who this day throughout the Earth stand before the Lord God to give answer as to their deeds, as to the motive of their hearts…For you are called to my service, you are called to the Great White Brotherhood because in ancient times one and all have stood against the enemy and the Adversary and in some moment of past time have been put down by these archdeceivers….Therefore I say to you, be prepared!  Enter the sacred fiery heart and never let down your guard, for when you come to that moment of challenge I tell you the breath of life does hang in the balance and the very thread itself.  And therefore let the garment of God be upon you by diligence daily….

Blessed ones, the very forcefield and the aura of the sons of God can be in the earth the full power of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  Therefore I say unto you, invoke the Great Central Sun Magnet and know how serious and how complete are the fourteen-month dispensations of Serapis Bey…the initiations of the five secret rays…is the place of the violation of the heart.  For here are the rings of light that surround the heart and are closest to the I AM Presence, and it is these five secret rays which the fallen ones and the Watchers have violated to the utter destruction of planetary bodies. …

I speak of those skirmishes where the fallen ones come to destroy a single living soul, a potential God, one necessary to the mandala of light.  Blessed hearts, these encounters are sprung precisely when the victims are unawares, and this unawareness is also calculated as they do inundate you with all types of rays and forces of manifestation subtly to put you to sleep and cause you to be not centered in the heart of Alpha and Omega.           -Sanat Kumara:  1-2-1988 at RTR, Montana   Sanat-Kumara-120x140.jpgIMG_3532.JPG



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