the people–untutored by the heart of Christ–continue to allow

From the side of the south to the side of the north Eve’s mastery of the flames of accordance, adoration, alignment, atonement, attainment and acceleration are her contribution to the oneness of male and female; while Adam enters into the consciousness of exemplification, exoneration, explication, expression, externalization and exultation.  Eve through the feminine ray focuses the mastery of the Alpha current in matter, Adam through the masculine ray focuses the mastery of the Omega current in Spirit.                       -Messengers M & E C Prophet:  Path of  Self-Transformation, 2000, p. 130


Since Lincoln was assassinated a dominant minority concerned solely with the interests of the ruling class has gradually replaced the creative minority in America.  With the advent of this new year of ever-new challenges to our integrity as individual sons of God, my friends, that transition is virtually complete.  And the people, untutored by the heart of Christ, continue to allow their leaders to make decisions that are not in the best interests of their nation or their world.

As a result of this change in leadership, which has brought the United States under the dominant sinister force of an elite inner circle comprised of the powerful Watchers, America has been taken step by step on the road leading to the abdication of her divine destiny, complete in the twentieth century!                   -Messenger ECP:  based on a lecture given 1-4-1988 at RTR, Montana


I would speak of the children and the care of the children from the womb to maturity.  You know well, beloved, of the ones who would move against the children, of abortion, partial abortions.  This [practice] must be wiped out, for it is far more than that which meets the eye; [underlying] it is truly a determination to destroy life on earth.

Thus those who carry this vibration and this darkness [of a determination to destroy life on earth] are of evil and there is nothing else that can be said of them except that they are evil.  They wear their masks as though on Halloween, every day of the year.  Many see them [the masks] but many more do not see them, for they [the individuals] are surrounded by maya and glamour and karma.  And thus you have those who consider themselves to be superior beings who in fact are not superior in any way.

Thus let the light shine from you, thus let the light of your chakras shine from you.  I ask you then to direct from your being points of light throughout the Earth [to those] who must have an infusion of light ere many in towns and cities and nations will either go under or they will become affected by greater and greater darkness.  To elevate a planetary home that resists being elevated is surely a challenge for the Divine Mother.  I then call to you that you might see to it that the little ones of light are not tampered with, that they might rise up in great purity and become statesmen, become those who will guide nations, who will bring direction to mankind.

There are so many in the world today, alas, who give very little thought to the realities of life and to that which is full of meaning.  Their realities consist in what they can get out of life.  They play politics, they play for power, they play for the very levels that go beneath the surface of the earth where there is great darkness.  I come because it is a crossroads.  Every time there is the coming of crossroads to such a community as this, even the community of the Holy Spirit and the communities of the whole world, there is that challenge that is given to each and every lightbearer….

Blessed ones of light, yes, there is Evil in the earth, but I say as your Mother, the Good is greater, it is far greater; it is greater again and again and again and again.  Evil is as nothing that prances as something.  But you will see when all of the Darkness is removed and cast into the lake of sacred fire that all that of Goodness has remained and all that which was of Evil is no more.

Therefore follow the Messenger in fearlessness flame, for it is this flame by which she has conquered for many centuries.  Try it on, beloved, for this conqueror has won many battles, and you may surely do the same.

Now look about you.  Organize your life.  See who needs you the most and what you can do the best.  And in all of this remember Omega, remember Alpha.           -Omega:  10-13-1997 at Norfolk, VA via Messenger E C ProphetIMG_3951.JPG


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