Truth is a very narrow band in the spectrum of material knowledge

Truth is a very narrow band in the spectrum of material knowledge paraded before the eyes of the mind, and this quantitatively precludes the possibility of a thorough pursuit of truth.  At present truth holds no true course down the line of human reason, applied thought, accepted concepts, class dogma, advanced philosophy or primitive thought; but often like a diagonal runner truth angles through many human levels and strata and veers off, either left or right, in sharp tangents wholly outside of man’s contemporary discoveries.

It ought to be considered no strange thing then that neither codified law nor religious dogma have attained to the whole subject matter of divine principle in an infallible way….The present modes of life on Earth are indeed a far cry from the great God-happiness which the ascended masters would universally bestow….

In our state we often feel that those who deny themselves the most are they who feed at the trough of the mundane swineherders and eat the husks of mortal, reason, thought and feeling, complacently abiding like the dumb oxen in a sickly weed patch–whereas the green pastures of God are just around the bend of mankind’s failures, waiting to be partaken of so that the soul may wax fat in divine abundance….

The sea of glass upon which the company of saints do stand and whereupon the Lamb of God is ministered unto before the throne of God signifies transparency of thought and feeling which permits the penetration of the unfailing light of truth and withal the tangible light of the immortal Presence of God….purity of spirit stemming wholly from determined God-seeking is the crying need of this hour.  Many teach the divine pursuit but withal cage men with such dogma as to make them enemies of other pilgrims upon the path.  This is not the divine way nor is it the way of peace….The gaze of a man cast upon another man ought to be free from hate, from suspicion and from curiosity.  The gaze itself ought to function as the beholding eye of God and men ought to send forth a penetrating ray of light charged with love, wisdom and power to bless and heal the wounds of other men whom they meet….

And as in olden days of human battle when the din rose high we must today strike for God and HIs light and win a series of victories ere the final one shall dawn.         -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:39



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