”Something for nothing” is the byword of this age

Contemplate then the way of life/ That passes torch from age to youth,/

A continuous challenge and a proof/ That life is real and earnest when/

God’s plan exalts the souls of men….

The coffers of the merchants of the world are filled to overflowing with the income from the selfish investments they have made in the world’s works.  Through false advertising they have lured the youth into every snare of degeneracy and vice imaginable, and their sole contribution to society for their gains is the casual yet insidious debauchery of the age.  Clearly they reap exactly as they sow….

Every educator should summon from his own gnosis of culture and cultural appreciation that understanding which will clearly delineate for him how the seeds of destruction have spiraled other civilizations downward—such as ancient Greece and Rome—making mad and thereby destroying those to whom the torch of Life was passed….”Something for nothing” is the byword of this age, for the old and honest effort of the past has been sidetracked in part because of mechanization…

Today the mechanization of the world has created a cult of hedonism, and the pleasures of table, of eye and of body materialism are first while the mind itself is left to feast on the chaff of human philosophy….I AM the advocate of freedom but not that freedom which is the license to do that which is iniquitous.             -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:41


We who witness the parade of lives coming out from the night side of life into physical birth, we who see the flight of the soul as a straight arrow and true move toward planetary manifestation, we who see the tired, the oppressed, the ill and the blessed all go forth to sweet release from mortal distress–we are well aware of the vicissitudes of the valley of shadow. …

The earth is bursting with joy, and the moldy crust of mankind’s old infections continues to hold that joy down, to repress and distress him so unnecessarily.  Let us heal afflictions and let us seal mankind in mountains of light and light substance, in Christ consciousness and freedom, in peace and progress….Remember, precious ones, the kingdom of God must be received as a little child.             -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:47

potw08_0810.jpg-Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973, at San Jose, CA park




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