There is such strength in unity

266.  Where there is even an embryo of cooperation there repudiation is out of place.  A sober mind clearly distinguishes friends.         -M:  Community 1926

136.  It is instructive to recollect how strangely the ancient wisdom was transmuted in degenerating into absurd rituals.        -M:  Heart 1932

67.  A spark of higher energy has been given to each man, and as its bearer he is invested with a lofty duty.  He is a bridge to the higher worlds.        -M:  Aum 1936


In ancient Greece both Pythagoras and Plato believed in reincarnation.  In the sixth century B.C. Pythagoras taught that the soul had many incarnations, which were opportunities for the soul to purify and perfect herself.  “The human soul is immortal,” he said, “for it resembles the heavenly stars, and (like them) is involved in perpetual motion.”1   According to biographer Diogenes Laertius, Pythagoras claimed that he had been embodied in the past as Aethalides and Euphorbus, who died at the hands of Menelaus at Troy.2

In the fourth century B.C. Plato taught that the soul is immortal and that its circumstances in its current life depend on its disposition formed in a previous life.  In book 10 of The Republic he tells the story of a group of souls about to embody who are advised by a prophet:  “Virtue owns no master.  He who honors her shall have more of her, and he who slights her less.  The responsibility lies with the chooser.  Heaven is guiltless.”3                     -Messenger E C Prophet:  Pearls of Wisdom 35:11

1 Pythagoras, quoted in Continuum:  The Immortality Principle (San Bernardino, Calif.:  Franklin Press, 1978), p. 19.                    2 Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Eminent Philosophers 8.8.4.                   3 Plato:  The Republic 10.617, trans. Josiah Wright


I am hopeful that old wives’ tales spread by an enemy as tares in the field of the Lord will be cast into the flame as so much rubbish.  These were sown to rend the garment of unity which as a canopy sought to cover the sins of the multitude.  I trust now that such solidarity will manifest in all our chelas of this ruddy band that Christ be glorified in the missions of our joint endeavors.  There is such strength in unity that I cannot tell you enough how important it is that you perceive that all great endeavors of the past have flourished by the support of their compatriots, but they have been dissolved by the witless energies of idleness that in carelessness have flaunted honor, loyalty and respect.                 -Morya:  8-24-1965 at Beacon’s Head, VA via Messenger Mark Prophet


Now the whole creation groans and travails in birth, for each man and each woman is required to give birth to the Christ conscious­ness.  How can you neglect so great a salvation, O mankind?   The Elohim come forth with the power of purity that will set you free.  For purity is the light to draw you into the center of the awareness of the original blueprint, the design of God for your very soul and solar evolution right within the heart of the consciousness of God….

And the light seals this coast for a time and a half a time  (Dan. 12:7; Rev. 12:14) that the flame of the Divine Mother might appear, that Wisdom might teach her children, that the renaissance of the true culture of the Divine Mother might come forth.

And therefore my edict, which is the edict of Almighty God, can only be an edict of purity and purification.  Let the earth be washed!   Let the atmosphere be washed!   Let the waters be washed by the washing of the Word! (Eph. 5:26.).   And let mankind be purified!   Let the children of Mu be purified!   Let all souls who are striving to enter in at the strait gate come forth and be counted among the elect who have determined to remain awake, to watch with the Christ, to carry the scepter of authority and the light that is the burden of cosmos, the energy released this day for the salvation of mankind.

I say, O hearts of light, the few who desire to dwell in the immaculate conception of the Elohim, let your lives and consciousness be a perpetual novena to Purity’s flame.  For out of the whitefire core of the Holy Spirit come forth the seven rays of the Christic light. These denote the evolution of mankind’s consciousness on the path of Christhood.  And thus there are seven paths whereby mankind might evolve to the fullness of the stature of Christ.     -Elohim Purity:  8-5-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger E C Prophet

IMG_1821.JPG-Archangel Gabriel with Mohammed and disciple, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978






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