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8-24-16         (Monsanto has brought you and the world DDT, Agent Orange, aspartame, Roundup, dioxin, PCBs, gmo, ….)

This suit  (in Saint Louis) claimed Monsanto sold PCBs even after it learned about the dangers, bringing to court internal documents dated 1955, which stated:  “We know Aroclors [PCBs] are toxic but the actual limit has not been precisely defined.”33  To date this win over Monsanto has been rare. Williams Kherkher, attorney for the plaintiffs, explained in EcoWatch:   “The only reason why this victory is rare is because no one has had the money to fight Monsanto.” 

Kherkher and other firms pooled their resources in this case and expect wins in upcoming lawsuits.  The firm has accumulated the names of approximately 1,000 plaintiffs with claims against Monsanto and PCBs.



8-28-16     longform-original-2491-1472161992-3.jpg

Say a nation tries to prosecute a corrupt CEO or ban dangerous pollution. Imagine that a company could turn to this super court and sue the whole country for daring to interfere with its profits, demanding hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars as retribution.

Imagine that this court is so powerful that nations often must heed its rulings as if they came from their own supreme courts, with no meaningful way to appeal. That it operates unconstrained by precedent or any significant public oversight, often keeping its proceedings and sometimes even its decisions secret. That the people who decide its cases are largely elite Western corporate attorneys who have a vested interest in expanding the court’s authority because they profit from it directly, arguing cases one day and then sitting in judgment another. That some of them half-jokingly refer to themselves as “The Club” or “The Mafia.”

And imagine that the penalties this court has imposed have been so crushing — and its decisions so unpredictable — that some nations dare not risk a trial, responding to the mere threat of a lawsuit by offering vast concessions, such as rolling back their own laws or even wiping away the punishments of convicted criminals.

This system is already in place, operating behind closed doors


8-29-16         A swarm of hundreds of United Nations-linked “international election monitors,” many of them hailing from nations ruled by repressive dictatorships, will descend on the United States this year to supervise and “monitor” America’s elections.  The horde of international bureaucrats for the November elections will be 10 times larger — and probably even more controversial — than the smaller “monitoring” mission that sparked a national uproar in 2012. Last time around, Texas even threatened to arrest them, and for good reason.  The mission by the international outfit, founded in large part by Yugoslavian and Soviet communists, is supposedly to combat alleged “voter suppression” by conservatives….

The revelations about the international “full-scale” mission of “elections monitors” is likely to add fuel to the fire of concerns among Republicans and Trump supporters.  It is especially controversial considering the fact that many of the “elections monitors” are actually agents of brutal Communist dictatorships, including the ones enslaving Belarus, Azerbaijan, and other oppressed nations.  Combined with the fact that the Communist Party USA has gone all in for Hillary Clinton — and is even getting its operatives embedded throughout the Democrat Party, which the CPUSA boasted of “utilizing” — the reason for concerns is obvious.  Similar “international observer missions” have long been used to try to legitimize flagrantly fraudulent “elections” supposedly “won” by well-connected communists. …

The radical umbrella group seeking international intervention, known as “Leadership Conference” for short, brings together left-wing extremists, anti-constitutional radicals, overtly racist groups such as “La Raza” (The Race), statist-controlled Big Labor groups, known communist front groups officially condemned by authorities as “subversive,” and more.  The group sent the OSCE a letter asking for even more monitors, especially for states such as Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, and others not totally under the control of pro-Clinton left-wing extremists.  Kremlin propaganda organs celebrated the letter and the OSCE mission.


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