the foundation of the (Great) Pyramid that remains is awaiting the capstone

  And we reveal that the community of the Great White Brotherhood is symbolized in that manifestation and that the foundation of the (Great) Pyramid that remains is awaiting the capstone.  The capstone then as the all-seeing Eye of God that shall not be removed from the earth is indeed composed of the initiates of the sacred fire.  And hear this, my beloved. These initiates, each one placing upon the altar the white cube of the heart, provide the building blocks of that mighty capstone.  Because these intitiates have a more than ordinary oneness than all others who have built the pyramid from the foundation to its present manifestation, therefore in the manifestation of the capstone their white cubes become as one single stone, one single capstone.

  This is the mystery of the capstone–that it can never be taken apart.  Though it is composed of many stones these by the alchemy of the Great God become one single stone to hold the all-seeing Eye of God….

 Why do you suppose then that the capstone is missing?  It is because, very simply:  there has never manifested in this octave a body of souls unascended who could make that pledge of eternal unity, of fusion!  Thus the Pyramid remains without its capstone and humanity remain without the light to guide them.

  In our octave the real meaning of the Great White Brotherhood is that we are one.  Every ascended master, every cosmic being has become the white stone–and the fusion of selfhood in God is understood far far beyond the understanding that you now bear.

  O my beloved hearts, this longing of God for oneness is like the longing of the Pyramid for its capstone.  Do you understand that God has no reason to not desire the fulfillment and the union of the son and of the daughter?  And when you say, “I and my Father are one,” you must understand that the Father has already said “I and my Son are one.”

  And therefore, my beloved, if you dare to say, “I and my Father are one” you have begun to climb a ladder that reaches far into infinity–beyond the eye, beyond the understanding.  And when you finish climbing that ladder you do not find, as Jack and the beanstalk, the giant that must be slain but you find instead the capstone–and there the fusion and there the alchemy and there the initiation.  For if you are truly one with the Father then you are one with all of his Sons in manifestation.  And I say to you that that oneness is oneness.        -Elohim Cyclopea with Sanat Kumara:  3-23-1980 at Summit University, Camelot, Los Angeles     AllSeeingEye2010.jpg-all-seeing Eye by Sindelar


  All of the planets in this solar system have a collective unconscious, a collective momentum of the negatives that their evolutions have brought forth.  They also have a collective higher consciousness which consists of the positive momentums that their evolutions have brought forth.  This is true of stars and more distant energy sources as well.  So when we reap good karma and bad karma both are multiplied by the energyfield of the planets as they are configured in our astrological charts….

  There are a number of things we can expect in the years following this (Feb. 1988 mega-) conjunction in Capricorn (if karma is not offset/consumed by sacred fire).  Nations will become conservative and reactionary, there will be massive debt liquidation, the real price of commodities will fall and a pessimistic mood will sweep the Earth.  A crash in the real estate market is likely.  The potential for war is great and the United States government will be in danger of being destroyed or reformed beyond recognition. …

  On January 1, 1989 at 5:57 p.m. mountain standard time (MST) Archangel Michael gave us the key to the new beginnings of the age of Aquarius.  He said:  “We move into the New Age today.  Today, I say, is the first and most important step.  Today is the step of the resolution for the next 2,000 years.  Blessed hearts, this is the springboard to eternity and you will require every step to be the right step and the direct step.”…

  (Bright prominent stars from late August in predawn sky now rising and setting) Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer and Vega at 15 degrees Capricorn (now at 14 degrees 19′ Cancer & 15 degrees 35′ Capricorn respectively)….Sirius represents the Father and Vega represents the Mother.  This axis shows that before the Aquarian age can lock into the physical octave the axis of planet Earth must be righted.  The hierarchy of Aquarius requires all to come into alignment with this line of the Father-Mother principle, or the divine Tao….At this moment the darkness upon Earth has become so great that it is not known if the next 2,000 years can be a golden age or if anything thereafter can be a golden age .                               -Messenger E C Prophet:  5-21-1989 at NYC & later updated



IMG_3873.JPG-Sirius in predawn sky this a.m.

IMG_0492.JPGIMG_3560.JPG-Shasta from westside


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