the stand for light must be taken at every level

Precious hearts of light, the equation of the balance of power on Earth is indeed being kept in the hearts of the ascended masters and their unascended devotees.  For those who should keep the balance of freedom in America on behalf of Earth and her evolutions are dominated by conspiracies in capitalism, in Communism–conspiracies at all levels of government as each and every one manipulating others is seeking self-gain….

Heaven has its plan; we at Shamballa know that plan.  We urge you to invoke it from the causal body of the Great Divine Director and above all to invoke the spiral that is yours to contribute and the spiral of your twinflame to contribute to the overall plan of the rescue mission of Earth and her evolutions….

Precious ones, the stand for light must be taken at every level.  And when individuals have the courage to run for office who do not know how to protect themselves or give decrees (to the one light), it is important that you then give your devotion for the drawing of the circle of fire around these souls.  It does not matter if they are unpopular; it matters what is the motive of the heart, what is the truth they seek to implement.             -Gautama Buddha:  4-23-1978 at NYC via Messenger E C Prophet

Great-Divine-Director.jpg-Divine Director by C. Sindelar

6590984187_f4b49d6f39_o.jpg6338081283_65a21c0657_o.jpgIMG_1727.jpgIMG_5263.JPG-Portia by John William Wright, 1846


Dr Salb gets to work on removing the horrible wire snare. Derek MacPherson looks on resting his hand on the poor suffering elephants trunk in a comforting gesture. Another helper looks on with some water with disinfectant, to clear the wound of debris etc, so that the snare can be seen properly to be able to remove it. The vet has to use really strong sharp side cutters and strength to unwind the strong wire that the poachers use.


To make things even more sad, the young elephant’s wound appears to be infected. Here you can see that the wound is being cleaned out the blood and puss from the deeply cut leg of the elephant which appears to be almost cut to the bone. Needless to say, this poor elephant must have been in a lot of pain. Luckily while they work, he is safely in dreamland and not feeling the excruciating pain for the moment.


Lilongwe Wildlife Trust reported that despite his gory injury, the pain seemed to have subsided quickly because, two days after the rescue, the elephant was spotted at the watering hole with his herd. “He was bathing normally and seemed bright,” Salb said.

This elephant is one of the lucky few that got found in time and treated, and that the treatment was adequate and the little fellow was strong. As elephants have long memories I am sure he will not forget his horrific ordeal in a hurry.


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