The Lord told us the way wouldn’t be easy but he said that in the end the light would prevail

The Lord told us the way wouldn’t be easy but he said that in the end the light would prevail and eventually his true teachings, lost and found again, would cover the earth—but not until we had borne some hardships of personal and planetary karma.  He spoke of the trials and persecutions that follow the disciple up the mountain until their ghosts, weary of the ascent, fall by the wayside, just so many fetters that cannot cling.      -Messenger Mark Prophet:  “Conclusion” in Lords of the Seven Rays, book 2, 1986     3458_600.jpg


The will of man is not capable of expanding self or substance, but dedication to the supreme purpose invokes the will that moves mountains.  Man can do the will of God without knowing it, but by being conscious of himself as a part of the will of God he is able to fulfill his destiny in a more sublime way….No loss can occur when one serves the eternal will, for the revelation of the will of God shows the seeker the abundant face of reality….

Every active power by which the universe is sustained and managed in the light of cosmic justice comes forth from Him and every spirit that He has created returns to Him.  Every spirit is intended to be made like unto Him, hence in His image (Gen 1:26-7).  Any lesser dominion is the having of “other gods before Me” ( Exod. 20:3), therefore the holy will appears as the fullness of the swaddling garment of the divine man, the Son of righteousness, with which the children of the Sun must be clothed.  Stand now to release thyself from the darkness that is within thee (Matt. 6:22-3) and face the luminous orb of the Central Sun from which all creation sprang….

But man’s reunion with the Sun can only be accomplished by an act of God.  It is a cosmic event that can occur in the world of the individual only when he has proven himself ready for it….the great Lodestone of Truth acts as a divine revelator to reveal to each man from deep within his own heart what the will of God really is.  Above all let him understand always that–complex and all-embracing though it may be–the will of God can be reduced to the common denominator of love, life and light.

Forward we go together.                    -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:14IMG_3726.JPG

IMG_3730.jpgpotw08_0810.jpg-Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973, at San Jose park, CA


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