human will opposes the divine will because its aims are shortsighted

It is just as easy to serve the will of God–in fact it is far easier–than it is to serve the decaying will of man with its varying standards.  The human will propels men to false aspirations at a dizzying rate of ascent and leaves them stranded without spiritual knowledge to plummet to their destruction.  I would like to postulate then that the majority of men have no conception at all of the will of God, therefore they do not really know what it is they are opposing.  The human will opposes the divine will because its aims are shortsighted.  Men find it difficult to expand their thought beyond their days.  They are prone to accept death as final and to identify with the physical form rather than with the Spirit which gives it life….

There is a reason why manifestation in the lower octaves is slowed down.  It is in order to give people the opportunity to dedicate themselves to higher values and to avoid the mistakes associated with haste.  If carnal man were permitted to precipitate his will with the speed of light the cruelty that would follow would be incomprehensible….Would it not be wise then for man, caught in the net of illusion, to examine the purposes of God, to know them, to understand and serve these mighty purposes in order to accelerate in his own personal evolution the divine plan and to foster the architecture of heaven for all mankind?…

Understanding moral values which are valid because they are based on truth will help men to understand that their progress must come from their present state and move forward….The pathway of the Spirit that is so childlike and sweet is in any age wondrous to live when verified by the Spirit of Truth within oneself….

If individuals would just grasp the principle that the will has been hidden from them,  that over the centuries they have only seen  remote flashes reflected in the cup of life and that these flashes are responsible for all the betterment of humanity, they will understand that the will of God is the panacea of healing for the world order as well as for the individual….

From time to time the Brotherhood releases buoyant ideas–sometimes, simple, sometimes complex–into the minds of the students.  These ideas are not always assimilated immediately; albeit instant love is the will of God it is not always the possibility of man.        —El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:13

5b513b41e0326a00fa76772a01828f9b.jpg-Sergius the Builder by N. Roerich, 1924

IMG_3840.JPGIMG_3839.JPG-great blue heron & cormorant on piling near Siskiyou dam

IMG_3843.JPGIMG_3841.JPGIMG_3845.JPGIMG_3846.JPG0000165_kuan-yin-by-ruth-hawkins~2108AX_600.jpeg-Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins


Discretion is something at which the ECB excels.  It’s how its most important constituent, the world´s biggest banks and hedge funds, have been able to book vast, risk-free profits by front-running the ECB’s future actions.  A decision is made in secret to buy a certain type of asset or to lower interest rates.  That decision is then communicated in secret meetings to hedge funds and certain other market participants so that they can buy into those positions and start pushing up prices (and pushing down yields).  The ECB already got into hot water over this when it first came out.

The central bank is able to operate this way for two reasons: first, the general lack of public awareness and interest in what it does; and second, the blanket immunity it and its employees enjoy from virtually all forms of legal redress.  As we recently reported, the ECB and all of its affiliated national central banks are, by law, above the law of national jurisdictions and answerable only to the European Court of Justice, provided they are fulfilling the functions and responsibilities assigned to them by EU law.


14:43 to 16:43 at this clip:  Trump on: Britain leaving the EU–same lesson for USA


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