To draw nigh unto the light: this is the requirement of the hour!

To draw nigh unto the light:  this is the requirement of the hour!  The flashing forth of the renewal of the first covenant is the will of God, for it was this bond to which every soul who received the gift of individual life-expression did once consent.  The breaking of the bond of God’s will has meant the parting of the way between Father and son.  For the prodigal son has chosen to wander into the depths of maya to seek his fortune in the realm of illusion (Luke 15:  11-32)….

The first flush of freedom, how magnificent!  Now no longer engaged in a sense of struggle man becomes a part of the holy sea (“before the throne there was a sea of glass like crystal” (Rev. 4:5)…But until the will of God becomes acceptable to men, until they can put aside their double-mindedness they will remain unstable and fluctuating in their aims (James 1:8).  The terrors of their world exist first in their denial of God and secondly in the denial of His will….

The human will presupposes that it has the knowledge which it does not have.  It bases most of its choices on human history and the observations of those whose own quality of observation is centered primarily around  the physical and seldom involved with the celestial.  The human will identifies with the ego and seeks to support it in its passing aims….Humans cast in the role of imperfection have been willing to discount the possibility of their attaining that measure of perfection that stems from God-realization.  “Let not your hearts be troubled, for with God all things are possible” (1John 14:1; Matt. 19:26).            -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:11-13


The only solution we can offer at this time is the invoking of divine power that will ultimately strengthen the minds and unity of the people.  For the time must come when they shall overthrow the yoke and tyranny of their overlords who even now are planning the dethroning of the Constitution and the order that heaven has sought to extend as a banner of hope over this land and all lands.          -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:18

presence.jpg   agni-ioga.jpg

-Chart of the I AM Presence; N. Roerich:  Agni Yoga 1928

IMG_3549.JPG-in The Power of the Spoken Word

deluge.jpg-Sinking Atlantis by N. T. Miller



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