Brazil makes a comeback; Yeltsin + 25 years


2d44d5b99e3a44af8f00455347079c46.jpgThe toppling of a statue of the founder (Felix Dzerzhinsky) of the Soviet secret service made history on Aug. 22, 1991   –Alexander ZemlianIchenko / AP   

25 years ago the Yeltsin semi-revolution came in.  


 “Yeltsin told me to turn on all middle-wave radio transmitters on the European part of Russia,” Bulgak said. These middle-wave transmitters were the main broadcast option in the Soviet Union and, with coverage of 370 miles each, were installed all over the country.

It was a difficult task, as all radio transmitters were not under the control of Yeltsin’s government but rather under the control of the Soviet Ministry of Communications, a higher level. “Only three people in the Union’s Ministry knew the passwords, and without a password, a chief of a transmitter never turns on his station,” Bulgak said. He was able to get the passwords from a personal friend.

Then, through his own contacts, Bulgak managed to get a mobile radio transmitter on a truck to be driven from Noginsk, 37 miles from Moscow, right to the courtyard where Yeltsin was holed up. It was immediately turned on: In case all else failed, they could at least broadcast Yeltsin’s appeal to the center of the Russian capital. However, the electronic warfare’s detachments were urgently deployed in the southwestern district of Moscow to jam the broadcast of Bulgak’s mobile station.

Bulgak worked feverishly through the night, using his personal contacts inside the union’s ministry. By the morning of Aug. 21, the transmitters were turned on. When Yeltsin walked down the steps of the White House, he spoke into a microphone that was directly connected to Bulgak’s activated transmitters. The people at the Soviet Union Ministry of Communications were stunned.


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