Ret. Lt-Gen. M. Flynn speaks out


ret. Lt-Gen Flynn:  and you had two secretaries of defense writing about how screwed up things were … my book spent 3½ months over in the Pentagon being skewered. I betcha they didn’t send theirs through.

PRIEST: Did they take things out?

FLYNN: They censored some things, yeah. The caused me to change things that were policy issues that had nothing classified.

PRIEST: An example?

FLYNN: They didn’t want me to say that North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba were allies of radical Islam.


2-12-16            “You have to physically do it. You have to willfully violate the law.  There is no connectivity in any way between classified and non-classified systems,” said [Special Forces Col. James Williamson (Ret.).]

“In order for Mrs. Clinton to get Top Secret/Special Access Programs onto her private server, numerous, redundant safeguards were deliberately bypassed, probably by unauthorized personnel who were given access to these documents. It was a deliberate, intentional act.  It just could not happen by accident,” [Col. James Waurishuk, former deputy director of intelligence for the U.S. Central Command] said.

And it is this deliberateness that leads a man like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, widely regarded and respected in Washington, to express disgust at the idea that Hillary Clinton could possibly be president come next January.  If she was willing to compromise American national security with carelessness as Secretary of State, what would she do as president?


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