many are on the side of sincerity without knowing the truth

But my beloved, many are on the side of sincerity without knowing the truth….There are good people on all sides; therefore we see the answer as the presentation of that truth.  The ascended masters’ teachings will expose the deleterious and unacceptable manifestations of consciousness.  We therefore do not take sides but we summon friends of freedom to our inner council chambers….When every side has been heard then we give our Word.  And to make certain that the children listen we place our guardian angels of mercy’s flame to the right and to the left of each one.     0000165_kuan-yin-by-ruth-hawkins~2108AX_600.jpeg    -Kuan Yin:  6-30-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles

4270361604_7f244134cc_o.jpg      1769c435e7f7e6da39630be11967a0e8.jpg

-Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins; in Prayer & Meditation, 1978; in Kansas City Museum (from China)

565.  I deem that many instabilities result from a lack of realization of the unity of Hierarchy.  The time is coming when all the conditions of life will drive people to an understanding of the one Hierarchy.  It has been wisely indicated that the greatest division will give the impetus for unity.  Is not the present time of the utmost disunity?  Can humanity become still more divided?  This is the dawn of the accomplishment of unity.          -Morya:  Fiery World 1933

5b513b41e0326a00fa76772a01828f9b.jpg-Sergius the Builder (detail) by N. Roerich, 1925


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