spraying aluminum, etc., across skies





“There’s a lot we don’t really know.  There is no oversight . No accountability,” Mogren complains.  Stevens agrees. “The government doesn’t tell you anything.  They are all just a bunch of liars, top to bottom,” he says.
The private sector also is involved.  Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson has offered $25 million for anyone who can come forward with a viable “climate technofix” as part of his Virgin Earth Challenge.  Bill Gates has forked over a reported $4.6 million to scientists working in the field of geoengineering and climate related research….

ex-Air Force veteran Kristen Meghan claimed she witnessed canisters of metallic powders routinely shipped onto the base where she was stationed.    http://planetjh.com/2014/06/24/the-sky-is-falling/


2012                Our atmosphere, our health and our genetic makeup is being geo-engineered at this very moment.

Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include:  modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria.”  Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fallout.  The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including 2 sedatives in chemtrail fallout, 6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines.  Dr. R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers.  Others have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers.  Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease that now has affected 60,000 people.

Dumping tons of particulate matter from aircraft has geo-engineered our planetary atmosphere into a highly charged, electrically-conductive plasma useful for military projects.  The air we breathe is laden with asbestos-sized synthetic fibers and toxic metals, including barium salts, aluminum, and reportedly, radioactive thorium.  These materials act as electrolytes to enhance conductivity of military radar and radiowaves.  Poisonous on par with arsenic and a proven suppressant of the human immune system, atmospheric barium weakens human muscles, including those of the heart.  Inhaled aluminum goes directly to the brain and medical specialists confirm that it causes oxidative stress within brain tissue, leading to formation of Alzheimer’s like neurofibrillary tangles.  Radioactive thorium is known to cause leukemia and other cancers.    http://www.homeopathyworldcommunity.com/group/protecttheearth/forum/topics/do-you-believe-in-chemtrails


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