all energy is called home; be not dismayed

Take the gift of peace from the Elohim of Peace and his divine complement, Aloha, from Uriel the Archangel and his Aurora.  For in the heart of the Prince of Peace and those who have served with him down through the ages is the healing of a world weary from war, weary from exploitation, degeneration and the madness and melodrama of calculated chaos….

It is time that the sons and daughters of God who know that they are sons and daughters of God shall stand up and be counted among those who challenge the rising tides of darkness.  And why do they rise, blessed ones?   Because the light has increased in the heart of the World Mother in manifestation here below.  An intangible manifestation there is, aglow, a candle that has become a mighty torch of illumination to this age; and as the light increases so the darkness clamors for recognition and the dark ones rattle their sabers.

But in the heart of the light which they have misqualified is the very Presence of God, for God is Light.  And He is the Life of every manifestation, whether it be classed as good or evil; for the energy that mankind have used to spawn a shadowed veil is His energy. Therefore in addition to the tides of darkness that rise to counteract the light there is a vortex of darkness that builds around every focus of light because the whitefire core of the energies of which the darkness was created seeks to be free.  Hence misqualified energy is this very hour rushing into centers of light around the world to be set free….

The tiny electron, the atoms and molecules–all energy is called home.  And where is home?   Home is where you make it.  Home is in the flame you have invoked, for every flame is a focus of the Central Sun from whence you came, one and all, and whither you shall return.  The voice of God as the voice of one crying in the wilderness of man’s miscreations calls home His energy, His children, His angels and elementals–all who are a part of His vast Being.


Be not dismayed then that when you invoke the flame of peace chaos pursues, when you invoke the flame of love hatred comes knocking at the door, when you raise on high the torch of illumination darkness and ignorance surround thee.  These negative energies ought to be welcomed and put to the torch with the same joy that you feel when you rake a pile of leaves and set a match to them and watch them as they glow and burn and are no more.  God’s energy must be freed if mankind are to transcend and transmute the karma that must be balanced before the Golden Age can fully manifest.  God’s energy must be made free through you who live to keep the vigil with the Brothers in White….

We are looking for recruits.  Therefore I write to you to apprise you of the fact that there are openings in our chambers, in our libraries, and in our retreats–openings for those who diligently call and are willing to be the allness of the All to hearts hungry for the flame, never chary. …

This is our offering/ In this troubled time,
An opportunity for you/ To make the world sublime
And in so doing to climb,/ To climb the highest mountain
Of the summit of your being/ That leads you to your fellowman.
In being your brother’s keeper/  You will see unfold the place
Whereby you too can ascend/ At the close of this embodiment
And return, a warrior of peace, to the heart of God.

The pathway of service and ministration/ Through peace and illumination
Is open!/  Come with me, take my hand
And explore a new land/ Where heaven and earth meet
And the Son of God–-the light of man–/ Stands upon the hillside to welcome you
With ten thousand of his saints.              -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 16:11   (illustration of Kuthumi is from Prayer & Meditation, 1978)


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