To keep on going in the right direction is in itself a victory.

101.  You should commeasure the use of your forces when they are being demanded in every direction.  The significance of the battle can be understood when one sees tired warriors returning for a new battle.  Truly the first task of a yogi lies in the distribution and economy of his forces.  There are good reasons why the generous of heart refrain from uselessly waving their arms about.  You especially need to be cautious right now, for you must not strain your energy by expending it needlessly.

103.  To keep on going in the right direction is in itself a victory.  Our help is ready to pour forth, but it must stream to someone and into something.  Who then is able to aid us with straight, simple striving?  The heart will help seekers find this channel and discover the true path.

104.  What is the origin of the ancient custom of surrounding a sick person with fire?  Thus fire can be a doctor and guardian.  The living fire in a furnace or oven often prevents workers from getting ill.  Indeed the bonfire as a symbol of purification expresses a medical concept.

105.  Whoever is able to maintain a mood of solemnity is acting correctly.  Harmony and cheerfulness are needed–take very good care of the heart.

106.   Let us not forget that for every important achievement, the feminine principle is absolutely necessary as the foundation and essence.

107.  The first and foremost purpose of every language is mutual comprehension, which means that you should try not only to understand the person with whom you are talking but also to speak in a way that is clear to him.

108.  And in other communications of the heart it is necessary chiefly to avoid egoism, which may be termed a dark eye.  It is necessary that the foundations of the Teachings be applied in life not as the caprice of one day but as a continued exercise without any irritation and vexation.             -Morya:  Heart 1932   

by Schmiechen, 1884

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