Let Us Journey On!


Let Us Journey On!

Blessed chelas climbing the highest mountain:

The dribbling of human inadequacy continue to plague mankind.  “Enough!” they cry when it is not enough.  The being of man, surfeited by an abundance of mortal excess, in weariness of souls wantonly seeks out new and bizarre methods of pleasure-madness.  The innkeepers continue to turn away the infant Messiah, and the marketplaces of life are crowded with the afflictions of Babylon….How shall men escape save the way of culture of the Spirit?

What folly it is to permit entrapment of the soul in the charnel houses of Egypt!  What bondage men have woven for others, and with what snares do they entrap themselves!  We see the pure soul in all of its flaming brilliance neglected while the energies thereof are running as a thousand-legged insect into form density, and the beautiful spirals of the Spirit are often untraveled and empty!…Woe unto the earth and its inhabitants who preserve every iniquitous thing and draw tight the strings of neglect that hold back the needs of the spirit!  The labourers in the Lord’s vineyard are few, and many are there without scrip or purse while silken garments adorn the unrighteous.  Yet the gift of divine abundance stems from the largess of the great heart of God.

The wonders of our retreats, made without hands (Mark 14:58; Acts 7:48-50), ever continue to dazzle the eyes of the beholder.  There is no substitute for the treasures of heaven; and those who are enamored with the outer achievements of men will do well to pause and remember the gracious sustaining strands of the Spirit—the connection from the heart of God to the beating hearts of men—ought not to be scorned….

The green grass on the other side of the fence can sometimes be attained, as the cattle do, by stretching the neck, yet often the best pasture is found in the valley of self-discernment….The worthy masons see in the placing of each brick the shining of celestial spires, raised stone upon stone.             -El Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:28   (drawing above from Prayer & Meditation, 1978)

……………………………………………………………………..IMG_1758.JPG-Winged Victory



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