without your trust in the Messenger and of our Word there would possibly be factions

Blessed hearts, let us face a single reality:   that without your trust in the Messenger and of our Word there would possibly be factions and disagreement even among the chelas of the ascended masters.  Therefore I say, pray that the Office of Messenger might always be filled and that the filling of that office by divine ordination might carry then the momentum of this union and of this light and of the blessing of Alpha and Omega….

Let us realize then that that which endures is the great causal body of the Cosmic Christ!  That which endures is the threefold flame that beats your hearts.  That which endures is your own souls’ communication through the Christ Self to the Great White Brotherhood—confirmed by the Messenger, directed by the Messenger but always drawing you into a greater and greater oneness by the Holy Spirit….

And the meshing of your consciousness with that committee of ascended masters responsible for your project and your endeavor will be the very means whereby there is “one accord in one place” and there is the merging of your lifestreams in the very heart of the cosmic Messengers, the Cosmic Christs and all of those who go beyond this form unto the octaves of light—who one by one and step by step are the emissaries and the messengers and the witnesses unto the Most High God!

Understand then that the dispensation of Messengers is always to reestablish the condition of your consciousness whereby you yourselves are receptive to the mind of God.  And therefore inasmuch as the Messenger is in need in this hour I say:  fear not!  For the Messenger is here and here to stay as long as that requirement is….

And I AM meditating upon each victory/ of the lightbearers

Lifetime upon lifetime./  I cannot know defeat.

Therefore I meditate on the love that is complete/ In the twinflames of victory.

And I see a chain of victories/ Not yet assembled, not yet reinforced

By the thread of the Divine Mother/ Who takes Her needle

Passing through each one of these records,/ Pulling through the thread,

And voila!   A string of crystal beads for a golden crystal age—

Each crystal of the rock containing a fire of Life,/ Each crystal the complete record of your victories….

And that is the very heart of this community  that each and everyone’s victory should multiply every other until that rising momentum will instill in each and everyone the confidence of the indissolubility of the community–the confidence, the trust, the faith of heart with heart with heart.

Blessed ones, I would like you to know that this movement, this love, this trust—all together here—is an achievement of considerable import!  You must understand that very few groups are formed anywhere in the world today that can boast of this number of lightbearers who are in harmony, in love and consecrated to one central purpose….Let us therefore note well that this part of the mission of the Two Witnesses is most important.  For the victory of all else, dear hearts, does depend upon community and the profound love that is here….

In case you didn’t know it, I AM your champion.  I AM the champion of your right to be God-victorious!             -Mighty Victory:  7-5-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles   0000220_mother-with-bishops-staff~2350AX_600.jpeg                    -Messenger E C Prophet


So I tell you, you need to pray for the souls who are the strongest that they will recognize the mission that is upon them.  And pray for the souls who must follow them that they be delivered from the stupor they are in as a result of the media’s bombardment of their senses and as a result of the food they eat that destroys the potential of the human body to be a vessel for the flame of immortality….

Beloved ones, I have defended you and rescued you from the jaws of Darkness.  I ask you now to return in kind the favor and to save others who will be lost without your intercession.            -Divine Director:  6-29-1984 at RTR, Montana     Great-Divine-Director.jpg  -DD by Sindelar


The old order changeth; the new order of the ages begins.  But like the brilliance of the holy grail the cup of purity and oneness changeth not.  Individuals in their search for values dare not gaze upon the specter of the contemporary but rather should their gaze be upon the face of the Ancient of Days….The senses must be perceived as chaliced instruments fresh from heaven’s realm.           -Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:4

-Ancient of Days, by Ruth Hawkins, ~1985


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