spiritual nature of man

The spiritual nature of man which is of the Being of God can be realized only through the mind of God.        -Jesus Christ:  Corona Class Lessons, #45, 1986

13.  Why choose the allurements of the superficial when you can have wisdom?   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

468.  The heart is aware of where there is deviation, where curiosity, where a desire for knowledge – discriminate thus between the ones who approach.  But do not entrust the fire to the superficial, do not entrust the counting of the pages to the curious.  Many misfortunes come from overtrust, which is intolerable where the treasures are guarded.               -M:  Heart 1932

IMG_2660.JPGIMG_7191fx 2.jpgIMG_7437 2.JPG


Kazir Khan on 8-2-16, CNN news:  Sharia Law as we have titled, there is no such thing as Sharia Law.
These are laws of various Muslim countries which are hodgepodge of British laws, French laws, Portuguese laws. In there, there is tremendous discrimination of genders which disqualifies them under the constitution of the United States, cannot be implemented, cannot be brought. How can I be a person that has read this, I preach that, that I do not stand for any Sharia Law because there is no such thing.  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/08/03/khan_i_am_not_going_to_continue_to_appear_on_television_there_is_no_such_thing_as_sharia_law.html


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