to a nation that is sick at heart but knows it not, grievously troubled of soul

For I am the One Sent to deliver Saint Germain’s prophecy, Jesus’ lost teachings and the healing power of the archangels to a nation that is sick at heart but knows it not, grievously troubled of soul yet having no awareness of the malady and without the political fiber to save itself….

The incomparable light that is felt by all people of God through the dynamic decrees and meditations, our invocations and dictations is the surest proof of the authenticity of our stand for the Great White Brotherhood and the reality of the heavenly hosts midst the people of America.  For this people has been called in this age not only to defend freedom and a way of life but also to engage in a war of Armageddon for the ultimate defeat of the embodied seed of the fallen angels.           -Messenger of the Brotherhood E C Prophet:  9-18-1987


“Come unto my heart and know me  then as the Son, the Sunshine of Maitreya,  Know then that my mission, going before him even as John the Baptist went before me, was to clear the way for the coming of this Universal Christ in all the sons of God upon earth.”     -Jesus Christ:  2-14-1988 via Messenger ECP   IMG_0165.JPGin Prayer & Meditation, 1978

IMG_9713.JPG  As recorded in the New Testament Jesus often spoke of the Father who had sent him.  Jesus wanted his apostles to know the one he called Father as the ascended master Maitreya, who had overshadowed him as his Guru throughout his final incarnation.  And he wanted them to know himself as the One Sent.  For thereby they would not worship his flesh and blood but they would worship the continuity of the Word incarnate, which was in the beginning with God and had been in Lord Maitreya and his predecessors—the Lord Gautama and the Lord Sanat Kumara—as it was now in Christ Jesus.            -Messengers Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  Path of the Universal Christ, 2003, p. 110 5202430976_72c3176581_o.jpgin a church in southwest England



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