So many young people today in the United States are losing the way.

images.jpeg south side of Mt. Blanc, high point of the Alps at ~15,800 feet

Mueller-03-006_reference.jpg-Matterhorn in Alps is ~14,700 feet above sea level
Photo by John Shively -Mt. Elbrus in Caucasus stands 18,500 feet above sea level; photo by J. Shively

-Pico de Neblina, highest point in Brazil at 9800 feet

-Laotzu by Nicholas Roerich, 1924

Demosthenes - Nicholas Roerich-Demosthenes by N. Roerich, 1893


-The Path by N. Roerich, no date

          -N. Roerich:  She Who Leads, 1943

Roerich Nicholas. She Who Leads. Art print on canvas - paintings, sale of paintings-N. Roerich:  She Who Leads, 1932

p35.jpg -N. Roerich:  Path to Kailash, 1933

So many young people today in the United States are losing the way.  The institutions of learning do not support them.  They have not learned how to read and write, whether in kindergarten, grammar school, junior high, senior high.  And by the time they go to college they still cannot spell and can hardly read and write.  It is a deplorable condition! Do you think that it just happened?  Well, I tell you it did not just happen.  It has been a plot of the force since the turn of the century and before to select those of elite parents, to make them elitists and therefore to allow them to rule other children who would receive a scrambled education and therefore could not compete.

This plot has gone on by the Luciferians and fallen angels in embodiment for more than a hundred years and in every nation . Yet America is the subject of the attack, for these fallen ones would destroy America and save it only for the Nephilim and their offspring, those who have no light….Things are going downhill very very fast.                 -Nicholas Roerich:  6-27-1996 at RTR, Montana via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet




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