Drinking the waters of Life freely means just that


As Jesus said, Neither do men put new wine into old bottles else the bottles break and the wine runneth out and the bottles perish; but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.”  He taught this ritual to his disciples that they might shatter the matrices of outworn concepts and replace them with the pure geometric forms of the mind of God….

This geometry must be discovered by each one through the invocation of the sacred fire in the form of prayer, decrees and meditation.  The liberation of consciousness that comes through the practice of these rituals is based upon the law of the square representing matter, the circle representing Spirit and the triangle representing the merging of the two through Christ the Mediator.          -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Path of the Higher Self, 1972, 2003, pp. 214-5


Drinking the waters of Life freely means just that–to accept it without money and without price….You will always perceive power, wisdom and love as the axis of man’s being….You have to have power to motivate an idea.        -Messenger ECP:  Lost Teachings of Jesus, 1986, p. 135

E C Prophet and Saint Germain at Mt. Shasta Freedom Conference, 1975


605.  Mind vacillates, but consciousness triumphs–this is not a contradiction but a reference to surface and essence.      -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929


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