Man must come to realize that the Godhead is not limited in His acts of grace

Man must come to realize that the Godhead is not limited in His acts of grace to extend holy virtue into the matrix of man’s own individuality as an extension of progressive revelation whereby the power of man’s ability to understand the Divine is enhanced with each succeeding generation and each trek around the cosmic cycles of the eternal spiral….sweetness of disposition must replace the bleaching monsters of the dying beasts of materiality whose tails lash out dragonlike to destroy the perfect image before its establishment in man’s  consciousness and person.  The human spinal axis with its tilt must also be straightened so that it is kept perpendicular to the plane of the ellipse               -Gautama Buddha:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:1    IMG_1820.JPG

in Prayer & Meditation, 1978


I AM come then this dawn of the new year/ To join the holy energies Gautama has released                                                                                                                                                          And assert the dominance of cosmic peace/  That shall never cease                                          Until the last man, woman and child is free/  To be the exact replica of the divine decree            That forges in the field of time/  Some measure of God’s joy sublime                                     That shines the midnight hour/  And takes from evil all its power                                             Until the light of truth proves well/  The hordes of evil to repel,                                                    To break the long outworn spell/  …

O precious ones, the time has come when the yoke of tyranny must be put off and man in all of the treasurehouse of being must pay homage to the Christ image being born anew as each soul recognizes the need to distinguish between seed and need.  For seed is the divine plan implanted in man in the beginning and bears the stamp of the Christ and the ability of the light to permeate the lily of man with the fragrance of God’s plan, whereas the need of man for outer things and outer power is but an act of desire and the desire mind.

These two opposites, depicted in the story of Cain and Abel, show the ability of Abel and his response to the call of God to take dominion over the field of the world and to reconsecrate it as the Eden or paradise of God.  By contradistinction the mind of Cain sought only to expand his desires without recognizing the threads of responsibility which, while latent, were literally bursting within his being also….

Long before form was realized the mind and intelligence of God conceived the entire whole—the fourth-dimensional pattern of both form and soul—and the pattern has scarcely begun to externalize here upon earth.            -Vesta:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:2

IMG_3289.JPG-Ney Waterfall, near Lake Siskiyou, spring 2016


And some of you have an entire cathedral filled with mementos of your service through your many embodiments, others have none.  But soon there will be one for each of you, for I doubt that any of you could honestly hear this instruction and fail to heed it.  I have faith in the power of my word which is after all the power of God’s word even as your words can become an arc when imbued with the right spirit and the right intent.

Strife in the world order remains rampant and dire forebodings are in the karmic cup.  The brim stirs even now.  And there will be frightful signs in the weather and there will be ominous rumblings in the earth and there will be serious disturbances among peoples.  This we cannot avoid.  But the alchemy of divine love shall triumph….

And the comfort of God shall issue forth through those of you who understand the meaning of perennial simplicity, to those of you who understand the meaning of selfless identity, to those of you who understand the crescendo of righteousness that overcometh the dark, to those of you who see in nature the hand of God and understand that if God so graced nature He left you also with a greater print—the print of His hands around thy heart, the print of His thought upon thy mind, the print of His hope within thy memory and the gift of His faith upon thy hand and the crown of His love upon thy head and the purpose of security as the fulfillment of His intent and purposes.              -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1967 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet





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