Rus army buildup opposite Ukraine; computer problems

7-16-16     “At the border with Ukraine (where three years ago no troops were deployed at all), the Russian side is building up three major groups that can, if necessary, deal a swift strike in the direction of Kyiv (which is only 270 km away from the Russian border) from the north as well as create two powerful “claws” to ensure a strategic encirclement of the main Ukrainian army group in Left-bank Ukraine, which is already constrained by the self-proclaimed republics at the front line in the Donbas. Ukraine simply lacks (and will lack in the foreseeable future over its poor resource base) military forces able to repel these groups and resist Russia’s possible large-scale “deep” offensive in principle.  Above all, Russia still has significant reserves deployed in the Southern Military District (the 49th and 58th Armies) and the Central and Eastern Military Districts (where three more divisions are to be formed, according to available data).  An active reinforcement of Russia’s Air Force and air defense is underway in the regions south of Moscow,” Ruslan Pukhov wrote.  


On computer problems:           A Mac is a simpler designed computer than most and has more inherent defense against malware and viruses as it has fewer hiding places for that stuff.  Anyway, I’m a computer amateur but I’ll sketch out a few basics.

Malware is a less severe attack upon your computer than a virus attack; if you actually have gotten a virus you’ll probably need techie help.  More commonly it’s malware out there.  Malware designers commonly send you a very cleverly masqueraded message supposedly from your computer maker in order to more or less hypnotize you to believe or panic you into following their advice in order to get your password or get in deeper to your computer.

If you are not on a Mac then the malware agents are likely hitting through applications–found in your control panel.  One should look for suspicious applications there in the list shown and uninstall them where possible.  Look in google search for the applications by name that sound weird to you to see whether they are known malware.  It also helps to do a free download of malware bytes in order to get rid of perhaps 3/4 of the malware infecting your computer.  Then you might need to go into applications again to weed out some more.  Techie help might be necessary too.

If you are on a Mac then you may get a message like I did today:  “You have Zeus virus.  (Do this, do that.)”  Fortunately a friend knew not to follow such advice and not to believe such a message at all–even though such a message sounds so very plausible.  So here is what it takes to counter a common attack (usually malware).  You have to get onto a different computer and go to Apple Support.  Give Apple Support some clues to your problem.  Then follow their advice closely on your infected computer.  If you really have a virus there may be visual degradation on your screen–you’ll need techie help for that.         -r, mt. shasta, california

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