Where that freedom is denied those who deny it must be challenged.

Every soul on earth is intended to be free to attain reunion with God.  Where that freedom is denied those who deny it must be challenged.  Saint Germain is fervent about this because the people of the world today are in embodiment ti inaugurate a new age–2000 years when the flame of freedom in science, education, art and culture must be extolled.

So we as a people and as a government cannot compromise.  We cannot sit at the table with the enemies of freedom and proceed to give away entire territories and nations and actually seal the fate of millions of souls into the hands of those who are the tyrants.

Those tyrants exist in both the East and the West.  Saint Germain says that we need to watch our representatives in government, we ned to watch those who are not actually continuing the purposes for which America was founded, and that we realize it is more than material freedom that must be guarded:  it is spiritual freedom.    -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Inner Perspectives, chapter 31, 2001


7-26-2006    The delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker busters bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States to Israel for use against targets in Lebanon will result in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the Middle East.  http://www.globalresearch.ca/bunker-buster-bombs-containing-depleted-uranium-warheads-used-by-israel-against-civilian-targets-in-lebanon/3748


Developing Mega Depleted Uranium Bomb

Reversing the Bush Administration policy, the Obama administration provided Israel with a limited number of GBU-28 bunker buster bombs. During the November 2009 Executive Session of the 40th Joint Political Military Group (JPMG), US and Israeli counterparts discussed the upcoming delivery of GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, noting that the transfer should be handled quietly to avoid any allegations that the USG is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran. 

On 06 December 2011 it was reported that the United States had authorized the export of 150 GBU-28 bunker-buster bombs to South Korea that could be dropped from F-15K fighter planes to destroy North Korean missiles and other weapons kept in subterranean facilities. The $71 million arms deal was finalized in November, and all of the laser-guided bombs are to be provided in 2013. 

The Bipartisan Policy Center 01 February 2012 said that Washington should supply Israel with 200 more advanced all-weather precise GBU-31 bunker busters which utilizes a GPS tailkit. GBU-31 “bunker buster” bombs to add to its existing stockpile of about 100 bunker-buster GBU-28 munitions. “…

Texas Instruments and Lockheed combined their efforts to build the 18 ft long bomb. TI adapted the seeker from the GBU-24 and Lockheed built the bomb body from discarded eight inch howitzer barrels. The Air Force initially contracted for 30 bombs but the cease fire started after only two were employed. Two more of the bombs were used in testing before the bombs were dropped in combat and the Air Force expended two or three more in additional tests after the war. The Air Force ordered an additional 100 GBU-28s with the BLU-113 (8 inch gun barrel) bomb body and stocks remained low due to the limited number of targets and the only fighter capable of employing it initially was the F-111F.

The Guided Bomb Unit-28 (GBU-28) bomb is designed to penetrate hardened targets before exploding, capable of penetrating 100 feet of earth or 20 feet of concrete. The GBU-28 was initially developed in 1991 for penetrating hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground. This “bunker buster” was required for special targets during the Desert Storm conflict and was designed, fabricated and loaded in record time….The official go-ahead for the project was issued on 14 February 1991, and explosives for the initial units were hand-loaded by laboratory personnel into a bomb body that was partially buried upright in the ground outside the laboratory in New York.    http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/gbu-28.htm


GBU-28 was developed at the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida and the Watervliet Armory located in New York. Manufacture of the prototype of the device was undertaken on February 1, and the official approval of the project came on February 14th of that year. The bombs consisted of sturdy eight-inch artillery tube bomb castings and weighed just over 4,400 pounds. The original development of the bomb proved to be very dangerous as the explosive component of the prototype bombs were loaded individually by lab personnel while keeping the bomb partially buried.



d. u. bunker buster astrologic birthchart–for 2-14-1991 at, say, 2 p.m. EST:

Sun and Moon at 25.5 Aquarius square to Pluto at 20 Scorpio, Sun at one-ninth of circle to Neptune at 16 Cap.  The time of day for the chart is not known, though.  -R, Mt. Shasta


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho writes:

“Most AIDS vaccines are based on the HIV glycoprotein gp120, that a number of virologists have warned, not only undermines the immune system of individuals but is also likely to create deadly viruses and bacteria that can spread through entire populations.

“ It turns out that the envelop glycoprotein, gp120, of HIV-1 is similar to the region of human immunoglobulins involved in antigen-binding, a crucial step in the immune response. Thus, any AIDS vaccine containing the glycoprotein or the gene could strongly interfere with the immune system and make it more vulnerable to the virus. And in the long term, it could accelerate disease progression in HIV patients that do not yet have symptoms. Recombinant viruses expressing gp120 could also be a source of potential new pathogens.”

But a company in Texas, ProdiGene, is now putting gp120 into GM maize as a ‘cheap, edible oral vaccine’ against HIV. This will surely lead to widespread contamination of our food crops with disastrous consequences, as Vejkovic and I have written in a correspondence now published in the journal. Not only is this extremely hazardous for human beings. It will affect all organisms in the food chain and multiply the opportunities for this gene to recombine with bacteria and viruses in the environment, of which 99% cannot be cultured and are hence completely unknown.”
source : http://www.i-sis.org.uk/gmbiopost.php


As Dr. Veljko Veljkovic explains:

“The envelope glycoprotein, gp120 of HIV-1, is similar to the region of human immunoglobulins that binds antigen, a crucial feature of the immune response. Thus, any AIDS vaccine containing the gp120 could interfere with the immune system and make people more vulnerable to the virus. There is evidence suggesting that gp120 can interfere with and undermine the immune system and can readily recombine with viruses and bacteria (used as vectors) to generate new pathogens. In the longer term, this could accelerate disease progression in HIV patients that do not yet have symptoms.”  http://yajnacentre.blogspot.com/2010/12/maizecorn-linked-to-hiv-in-africa.html


4-30-2002nnnThe basic materials and tools for genetic engineering are the same disease-causing agents employed in developing bio-weapons – deadly viruses and bacteria – plus enzymes and genetic material isolated from them.

The inherent dangers of genetic engineering hit home when researchers in Australia inadvertently transformed the relatively harmless mouse-pox virus into a lethal pathogen that killed all its victims. They also showed one of the ways this could be done: by incorporating a gene that undermines the immune system.

Many ‘legitimate’ uses of GM have been raising serious safety concerns.

There have been numerous breaches of safety regulations in university laboratories researching dangerous pathogens in Britain, such as dengue fever virus, AIDS virus, TB bacteria, and lethal encephalitis virus.

Many dangerous research projects are being carried out in genetic engineering laboratories around the world. The lethal mousepox created was just the tip of a large iceberg. Genetic engineers are creating new viruses in the laboratory in the process of cloning them, or just to show it could be done. A more deadly mutant Ebola virus was created. Hybrids of the human and monkey AIDS viruses, called SHIVs, that can infect both species are being generated in large numbers, one of these – so lethal that it kills monkeys in weeks – is being routinely used as a ‘challenge virus’ to test AIDS vaccines in all US NIH-funded research.   http://www.i-sis.org.uk/gmbiopost.php



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