photo set (15)

IMG_1782Vogelherd cave horse of ivory, ~28,000 B.C.

IMG_1783Ram offering stand from Ur of gold and wood, ~26,000 B.C.

IMG_1784ruler from Nineveh of bronze, ~2250 B.C.

IMG_1786stele of Hammurabi Code, Hammarabi meeting Sun-God, ~1760 B.C.

IMG_1787Charioteer from Apollo sanctuary at Delphi, bronze, ~470 B.C.

S. Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna, Italy, ~540 A,D.

IMG_1789Archangel Michael, early 6th cent., ivory, Italy

IMG_1790Adam and Eve Reproached, bronze Doors of Bishop Bernard at Hildesheim, Germany, 1015 A.D.

IMG_1791Antelami:  King David, Fidenza Cathedral, ~1185

IMG_1792-St. Mark in Gospel book at Corbie Monastery, France, ~1050

IMG_1793Andrea da Pisano:  Baptism of Christ, in S. Giovanni, Florence, ~1333

IMG_1804Master Francke, from the Englandfahrer altarpiece at Hamburg, 1424

IMG_1794-Ghiberti:  Jacob and Esau, at S. Giovanni, Florence,  1435




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