In the heart of every keeper of the flame I place a replica of the amethyst crystal of our retreat

The road of return has two aspects–the sorrowful way and the glorious way.  It all depends upon your perspective, for the bliss of the divine reunion is experienced within–even in the moment of agony, through the dark night of the soul and on the cross….
In the heart of every keeper of the flame I place a replica of the amethyst crystal of our retreat that you might generate the joy of living and the joy of giving on Terra….It is time to light the torch of the age of freedom.  The taper is in my hand–will you light a taper of your own and ignite the hearts of mankind to the victory of the throne–the 3-in-1–the grace of faith and hope and charity in the balance of life’s energy?

The threefold flame is calling, calling mankind home!  To the victory of freedom in Terra I dedicate my flame and the release of the judgment at the hand of the seven archangels.    -Holy Amethyst:  Pearls of Wisdom 18:48 (11-30-1975)

Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846
Portia by J. W. Wright, 1846






ISDS          11-6-2015

Investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS of TPP) places investment tribunals above states, above democracies. This places the development of law beyond democratic scrutiny. At a national level, parliaments can change laws that do not work out well. This is not possible at the supranational level. The transfer of power is as good as definitive: it is practically impossible to withdraw from (deep integration) trade agreements.

TPP’s investment chapter, which includes investor-to-state dispute settlement, contains
– perverse incentives,
– unfair procedural advantages for the US,
– a most favoured nation (MFN) loophole,
– limited, broken safeguards regarding intellectual property (IP) rights.

Perverse incentives

The arbitrators will be paid for each day worked (under ICSID rules at least 3000 US dollars a day). This creates perverse incentives to accept frivolous cases, let cases drag on, let the only party that can initiate cases (foreign investors) win to stimulate more cases, and to please the officials who can appoint arbitrators.


The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) is part of the World Bank; it is the most used ISDS forum. Under TPP, investors can choose this forum (article 9.18 (4)).       -A. Wessels



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