One day they promise this and the next day they (in government) take it away

Beloved, there are certain elements [of karma/psychology] in everyone that must be dealt with.  And therefore you can do this as tens of thousands [of chelas] and come up another step.  Thus there are gradations and grades for all….

There is no assurance of the light acting through anyone who is not a devotee or through anyone who is.  It is not guaranteed unless either that one who knows the decree [gives the decree] or others give that decree for him or her.  The binding of the not-Self provides the greatest freedom of choice to the soul to the heart and to the very goodwill of many servants of God in government.  One day they promise this and the next day they take it away, and that is because of the influence of the lower levels of being.         -Alpha:  7-1-1992 at RTR, Montana


Fossil Fuels Divestment Movement is driven by wealthy donors and deep-pocketed foundations and serves the material interests of Solyndra-style eco-cronyism.

· FFDM is most fervent at wealthy colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Swarthmore.

· Tom Steyer (net worth $1.6 billion; largest contributor to Democratic Party 2014; Stanford trustee) bankrolls Bill McKibben’s    Schumann Media Center (assets $31 million) funds McKibben’s Middlebury College position and funded’s founding.   Al Gore (net worth $173 million), founder of Generation Investment Management ($12 billion), called on Harvard and all other colleges to divest from fossil fuels.

FFDM is puppetry. The organizers are using the students and the colleges to advance their agenda at the Paris Climate talks.


  • Tulare County (2008)

Communities won a ¼ mile buffer zone around schools and other sensitive sites for aerial applications of restricted use pesticides. Read more about the Tulare County victory.

  • Kern (2009)

In 2009, communities won a more extensive pesticide protection zone that prevented application of restricted use pesticides at a school site or within ¼ mile of a school in session or during school sponsored activities when children are present. Previous buffer zone rules around schools in Kern County were limited to ¼ mile only for aerial applications of restricted use pesticides.

  • Madera (2009)

In 2009, Madera County took the step to prevent applications of restricted use pesticides within one-quarter mile by air, or 500 feet by ground, of a school or licensed day care facility while children are present. Their rules also prevented  aerial applications of restricted pesticides within 1/4 mile of any residential area, occupied labor camp, or other sensitive site.

  • Stanislaus (2010)

In 2010, communities won a rule preventing application of restricted use pesticides at a school site or within ¼ mile of a school in session or during school sponsored activities when children are present.


5-24-14   As a partner in the Obama administration’s Africa program, Monsanto will be given subsidies to expand into the African farming market. This expansion is aimed at increasing food supplies in Africa, but it will have the unintended consequence of promoting Monsanto’s takeover of the African food markets.

Once Monsanto gains a foothold in the African food market—which is likely given the level of subsidies offered by the US government—they will be able to crowd out local farmers and capture the truly massive African food market….

The Obama administration appointed Michael Taylor, the previous vice president of Monsanto and a current Monsanto lobbyist, to a high level advisory role at the Food and Drug Administration [FDA]. It is virtually inarguable that this appointment constitutes a massive boon for Monsanto and an undeniable conflict of interest for Taylor.


11-11-15   For 50 years, St. Louis-based chemical company Monsanto contaminated the San Francisco Bay with its production of the highly toxic chemical polychlorinated biphenyl, a.k.a. PCBs. The company continued manufacturing the chemical even after it recognized some of the dangers associated with PCBs, until a 1979 ban by Congress forced it to stop. The half century plus of pollution has left the city of Oakland with a cleanup bill estimated at $1 billion, and Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker thinks Monsanto should cover the costs. Parker yesterday filed a lawsuit against the global behemoth, and she intends to make them pay.

“The company that is responsible for this vast contamination should bear the burden of cleaning up our environment, not the taxpayers of Oakland and California,” Parker said in a statement released yesterday.


To understand the processes that have led to modern farming and the role of entities like Monsanto, we must appreciate the geopolitics of food and agriculture, which benefits an increasingly integrated global cartel of finance, oil, military and agribusiness concerns. This cartel seeks to gain from war, debt bondage and the control of resources


11-7-15    A recent New York Times poll found 93 percent of Americans want GMOs labeled, an action already required by 64 nations.   Two-thirds of Americans believe GMOs are unsafe.

Eighty percent of supermarket foods now contain GMOs and the toxic chemicals sprayed on GMOs.

In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization declared Monsanto’s Roundup glyphosate herbicide a “probable carcinogen.”

That prompted the banning of all GMO cultivation in several dozen nations, including Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Russia and Denmark.

In the U.S., the glyphosate herbicide currently is sprayed heavily on 84 percent of all GMO crops, including corn, soybeans, canola, sugar beets, cotton, alfalfa, wheat, beans and rice.

In California, authorities announced that Monsanto’s glyphosate would be added to its list of cancer-causing chemicals requiring special monitoring and warning signs.

The EPA previously acknowledged that long-term exposure to glyphosate can cause kidney and reproductive damage. And a report by a senior researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year connected glyphosate to damage to the human gut and digestive system, as well as hormone disruption, impaired liver detoxification and lowered nutrient absorption.

Meanwhile, with the rise of GMO-induced superweeds on the majority of U.S. farmland, the EPA, USDA and FDA have given the green light to a controversial new generation of GMO crops that can be sprayed with dicamba and other strong toxicides including 2,4-D — a  (most toxic) component of Agent Orange.

Billions of pounds of glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D and other toxic pesticides are now being sprayed on our food, accompanied by billions of pounds of highly polluting chemical fertilizers.

This GMO/chemical onslaught is destroying our health and contaminating our soils, surface waters and air.



As Western junk food and the chemical-intensive agriculture and food processing model that accompanies it destroys health across the planet (see the impact of NAFTA in Mexico here), it is worth bearing in mind what Stuart Newton says (in the report in the link, read from page 9 onwards). Although discussing India, his concerns apply as much to the US, Europe and elsewhere as they do to the subcontinent:

“The answers to Indian agricultural productivity is not that of embracing the international, monopolistic, corporate-conglomerate promotion of chemically-dependent GM crops… India has to restore and nurture her depleted, abused soils and not harm them any further, with dubious chemical overload, which are endangering human and animal health.” (p24).

Newton provides a wealth of referenced data and detailed insight into the importance of soils and their mineral compositions and links their depletion to the ‘green revolution’. In turn, these depleted soils cannot help but lead to mass malnourishment.



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