This is the essential attitude that creates the wonder and beauty of life

In these periods of withdrawal from the world man seeks to harness the great creative essence of life and to work with God; then when he returns to the mainstream of life and achievement is made he recognizes that “It is not I that doeth the work but the Father in me” (John 14:10). This is the essential attitude that creates the wonder and beauty of life.  It is the open door to the giant complex of the infinite mind….There can be only one head to the body, and that head is the Universal Christ consciousness in which all share….

Now in the matter of the various systems of hypnotic control many among mankind who are familiar with these practices judge their merits solely on the basis of results.  This empirical assessment, while understandable, does not apply in the matter of Christ versus Antichrist….To suppose that one is successful simply because he is able to fulfill personal desires through the mechanical manipulation of various mental and even spiritual faculties is a gross error that will eventually lead to the downfall of man’s recognition of and attainment with his God Presence and his Christ Self.  This breakdown in the great common bond of infinite love between the Father and the embodied Son always results in a stultification in the design of life….

The communication of divine ideas to the individual which then become a practical aspect of living through his own development of the Christ consciousness will assure him the ultimate attainment of “all power in heaven and in earth.”  This power far exceeds human dimensions of control—these, like the serpents created out of the rods of the black magicians, will eventually be swallowed up in the truth of the living Christ.  As the brass serpent was raised up in the wilderness that all who looked upon it should live (Num. 21:8), so shall the truth be raised up within each one who declares “And I, if I [the Christ in me] be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me [unto the Christ]” (John 12:32).               -Leonora:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:34




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