We are interested in increasing the awareness of God in the life of each individual

While the lives of men are full of shame ending in blame toward one another, we would make them to be full of hope that the dawn of self-improvement might appear daily to each human life.  Why should we limit men when the balm of forgiveness can bring about a spiritual equity in the entire evolution of a planet?  What applies to men individually applies to organizations, to nations and to the split infinitives of purpose.

Purpose can be stated so succinctly as to equate with the absolute.  Yet as it enters the functional levels of human consciousness purpose must acquire relevance to those levels in order that it might elevate the various modes of man’s thought, step by step, to a higher perspective….

We are not interested in building personality cults wherein the leader, usurping the position of the Christ, is looked to as the saviour of the members.  We are interested in increasing the awareness of God in the life of each individual so that out of his own knowingness can come the great ratification of the ethers of his own world that shall bring into his consciousness the things of the Spirit that long have been hidden….

Then the coat of snakeskin will be shed and the sacred fire shall be raised as the brazen serpent in the wilderness of old, a symbol of the elevation of the life-force and not of its dethronement into the degeneracy of improper practices.  Then we shall see the elevation of the serpent fire, the solar energy of God, into the beauty of the holy family consciousness by which every department of life is gilded with the glory of the spiritually creative process.  Then we shall see the divine alchemy transforming life into the conformity of the Holy Spirit and thereby creating among brethren and nations a true confraternity of the Spirit….

Thus having caught the vision, he (the adept) descends to the world of actuality and there he allies himself with those of like mind to create the joint-heir concept of oneness with the living Christ, with the universal Logos, with the only begotten of the Father that works miracles both in and out of form consciousness….

Even the scoffers and the scientists who have stood so rigidly behind those bars of so-called proven truth—which again and again have been altered—shall acknowledge the supremacy of the higher law and at last the scales that have blinded the eyes of the soul, that have actually hidden his divine potential, shall drop away.       -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:3




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