if Messiah is come 2000 years ago then he is come today

I tell you, my beloved, if Messiah is come 2000 years ago then he is come today.  And a million years forward and a million years backward still Messiah is come–the gift of God the Son to everyone, to everyone–to everyone who is born of him and born by the Spirit and born by the Mother and born to inherit eternal life….they (demons of denial of Emmanuel) will tell you everywhere where he is not but they will never tell you where he is:  where I AM, that “where I AM ye may be also”–in order that wherever the I AM is there you may be found also in his likeness.  This is the teaching and the preaching of the Word to the children of God that have been put upon by the demons in scarlet, black and gray and proud orange….

Citizens of Earth, we deplore the death consciousness on which you have seemed to thrive after the fashion of the black magicians who would destroy you alive–destroy your souls in hell while leaving your bodies to walk the streets of physical cities and astral planes.  Saints of God, this is a serious matter!….

In this way (at passing the body goes to a funeral pyre or a modern crematorium, with invocation to the resurrection flame) the demons have no prey and the vultures no flesh and blood; and the astral sheath–itself consumed by the physical/spiritual fire–may not roam the earth, a ghost of the former self.  The astral hordes that would devour the coils of light are themselves put to flight, for the soul has clean escaped the mortal round and is heard singing, heaven-bound.

Yes, it is the cosmic cross of whitefire by which he releases the Word that speaks out of the void. Take up then the ruby cross daily, for one day when the works of love are fulfilled in you in all the matter spheres it shall also be the whitefire of thy ascension.         -Sanat Kumara:  Opening of the Seventh Seal, #25                                          -Hierarchs of Venus, by Ruth Hawkins, ~1985



Halloween 2015 at Mt. Shasta
Halloween 2015 at Mt. Shasta

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