New direction must be accepted by humanity ere they perish.

New direction must be accepted by humanity ere they perish….It is a complex sophistication that has altered their (men’s) views of reality and brought them again and again into strident conflict with one another.  The answer lies not in an easy one-pointed panacea but in the acceptance of the universal realities of the Spirit….

Now we know that mankind are beginning to realize that the world is in the grips of a very terrible force that seeks to utilize for the destruction of civilization the communications media and the great inventions brought forth by the masters through the scientists for the benefit of man….

Do not believe then all of the darkness that the ministers of propaganda and the controllers of television and of the motion picture industry cause to be issued forth from behind their screens of seeming impregnability!  Do not believe all of the malicious lies leveled at those who will take a stand for truth!

Recognize once and for all that the answer to the world’s problems lies in the Holy Spirit and in the covenant of purity.  Only by repudiating the darkness in oneself and in the strongholds of the world, only by affirming the glorious light of the inflowing golden age and [by] standing up for Christ and the Brotherhood can you assist in the great ordeal of planetary deliverance and help humanity today.  The night is far spent, the day is at hand.  Let all who are unafraid and who can renew their trust in the beauty of the plan of God hold fast to His hand today for He will never fail them….

In the moment of peril I remain wedded to your victory.          I AM     the Maha Chohan 




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